The 34-year-old captain of KIA is a master of push and pull… Reasonable career AVG 0.302 ‘preliminary free agent’

 He is also a master of push and pull.

SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won expressed surprise at the push of KIA captain Kim Sun-bin (34) while relaying the match between LG and KIA in Jamsil on April 28. He recalled his active career and said, “Every time I get a hit over there, I feel like going crazy.” He added that no matter where he takes a defensive position, he has an excellent ability to create hits by hitting balls into empty spaces on the ground.

In fact, Kim Sun-bin is considered one of the best hitters in the KBO league. Beyond the ability to simply push the outside course, he pushes the ball coming into the body outward as if it is a miss and sends it to the right.

Kim Seon-bin’s push shone in the Gwangju Kiwoom match on the 19th. At the beginning of the first inning, he raised the 1st and 2nd basers safely, pushed Eric Yokishi’s outer two-seam with power, and produced a double with the first RBI first prize. It is true that the hitting feeling is good recently, but it was the moment when Kim Sun-bin’s technique was revealed once again.

MBC Sports Plus commentator Shim Soo-chang, who relayed the game, said, “(Yokishi’s breaking ball) is fooling me, but I definitely see the ball well. In the process of leg kicking and (foot) falling, I’m waiting with my right foot completely focused on the breaking ball.” said.

Rather, what was interesting was after the batting order turned one lap. Two outs on first and second base in the bottom of the first inning, with KIA leading 7-1. This time, Kim Seon-bin lightly pulled Yokishi’s outer curve and made a one-run left-handed hit. But it didn’t fit well and the course was good.

Rather, Kiwoom shortstop Kim Hui-jip was leaning toward second base in preparation for Kim Seon-bin’s push. Even if it was in the correct position, it was a hit with a high possibility of becoming a hit. However, if Kim Hui-jip was in the right position, he could have kicked the ball. In that case, the runner on second base might not be able to home.

In the end, it was the moment when Kim Sun-bin saw the reflective benefit of his pushing ability. Since you can hit anywhere on the ground, it is difficult for defenders to make extreme shifts based on probability. The moment when Commissioner Oh Jae-won said a month ago, “If you are on this side, hit that way, and if you are on that side, you hit this way” is a moment that comes to mind. He is a master of pushing and pulling, who is good at pushing and pulling. For reference, the last hit of the day went to the center.토스카지노

Kim Sun-bin is short. Some say that he is rather picky about setting the strike zone as a pitcher. He even shows good contact skills in this situation. His career batting average of 0.302 is not just an accumulation. He batted 0.298 this season until the 19th. However, he has a batting average of 0.310 in his last 10 games. Eventually, he converges to another 30%. This is the power of average.

Such Kim Sun-bin will be eligible for free agency again after this season. Since they are in their mid-30s, it is unclear whether the market price will be formed as much as it was four years ago. However, it is highly likely that his ability to push and pull freely will be maintained regardless of age and athletic ability. It’s literally because it’s a hitting technique. This is expected to be a weapon that proves Kim Sun-bin’s potential and value for a long time.

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