“The board to save water and drink”… The price of bottled water jumped the most in 11 years

Bottled water price increase rate of 10.8% in June… The highest increase since June 2012, such as

Jeju Samdasoo, Isis, and Gangwon Pyeongchangsu… Pulmuone withdraws its price hike plan

Last month, it was found that the inflation rate of bottled water recorded the highest in 11 years. This is because the prices of major bottled water products such as Jeju Samdasoo, Isis, and Gangwon Pyeongchangsoo, and private brand ( PB ) bottled water of some convenience stores have risen one after another.

According to the National Statistics Portal of the National Statistical Office on the 10th, the consumer price index for bottled water last month was 112.09, up 10.8% from the same month last year. This is the highest in 11 years since June 2012 (11.6%).

The inflation rate of bottled water rose sharply from 0.4% in January to 7.3% in February, followed by an upward curve of 10.1% in March and 10.2% in April, then slightly slowed to 9.3% in May, but rebounded again last month.

The record-high inflation rate for bottled water was driven by price hikes for key bottled water products. Since December of last year, Lotte Chilsung Beverage has raised the price of bottled water and beverage products such as Isis by an average of 8.4%메이저놀이터. Isis ranks second in bottled water market share after Jeju Samdasoo.

Convenience store prices were applied from March, and the price of 500ml products increased by 15.8% from 950 won to 1100 won, and 2-liter products by 14.7% from 1700 won to 1950 won.

In February, the Jeju Provincial Development Corporation raised the factory price of Jeju Samdasoo, which has the largest share in the bottled water market, by an average of 9.8%. This was the first price adjustment in five years since 2018.

An official from Jeju Island Development Corporation explained, “The price of PET has risen more than three times from three years ago, and the cost of logistics due to oil prices has risen to transport products using ships, so we raised the price in five years.” Haitai htb also raised the price of Gangwon Pyeongchangsoo products from February, and Dongwon F&B raised the price of Dongwon Spring Water by 4% in April this year only for dealers. Some convenience stores raised the price of PB

bottled water by 100 to 200 won from April , and also raised the price of imported bottled water. For processed foods, even if the factory price increases, it takes time for the existing stock to be exhausted first, and the price effect usually appears after about 3 to 4 months, so bottled water prices may increase even after July. On the other hand, there are places where the price of bottled water has not been raised due to the government’s price stabilization policy. Initially, Pulmuone planned to raise the factory price of Pulmuone spring water by 5% from March, but withdrew the plan. Nongshim has also not raised the price of Baeksansoo after raising the factory price by an average of 7.8% in January 2018.

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