The first expulsion in the history of professional basketball, the result of Day One Sports’ irresponsible management of the club

Day One Sports has come to the worst end.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) held a series of board meetings and general meetings on the 16th to expel Day One Sports from its member companies. KBL concluded that Day One had no intention or ability to run the club normally. This is the first time in the history of professional basketball, which was launched in 1997,스포츠토토 that the club has been expelled. Day One Sports’ irresponsible team management is threatening professional basketball itself.

◆ I broke my promise several times

Day One Sports was launched last year by taking over the Orion basketball team. Heo Jae, the ‘basketball president’, became the head of the basketball team’s management and drew attention. At the time of its founding, Day One Sports boasted that it would make a profit as a basketball team. Day 1 Sports was confident despite the worried gaze. However, it was greatly shaken when the management difficulties of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, the parent company, began. The payment of the special membership fee, which is equivalent to the KBL membership fee, has been delayed. The wages of the players and the secretariat also began to fall behind. Day One Sports made an empty promise, saying, “I will try to normalize the club.”

Even after the season ended, the wages in arrears were not resolved. Day One Sports has found a new naming sponsor. A number of companies have come to the fore. However, he could not afford Day One Sports, which had billions of won in debt. In a phone call with Sports World on the 24th of last month, Park No-ha, CEO of Dayone Management, said, “Relocation to a place related to Busan is likely. A naming sponsor contract was also outlined. It seems that the issue of salaries for the players can be fully paid over a period of about a week from May 30th.” He also failed to keep this promise.

So far, they have not been able to resolve the overdue wages. Players who had endured difficulties over and over again moved. He held a press conference at the National Assembly and visited KBL on the 16th for a meeting. Captain Kim Kang-sun said, “All the players have had a hard time not receiving salaries since February. The players also raised money and paid the monthly rent,” he said. I think it is right to take legal action in order to receive the overdue money.”

◆ Professional basketball is shaken

With the expulsion of Day One Sports, the 10 club system is shaken. KBL has worked hard to maintain 10 clubs. However, Heo Jae was deceived by Day One Sports, which put the name value first. KBL said, “We will actively discuss follow-up measures, including the search for new acquisition companies, with the city of Busan, which has strongly expressed its desire to attract men’s professional basketball teams.” The top priority was to maintain the 10-team system.

In the worst case, the next season will be played with a nine-club system. A special draft will be conducted for 18 players from Day One. Tentatively held until July 21st. If a new acquisition company cannot be found within a month, a system of nine clubs is inevitable.

No one is taking responsibility for this incident. Representative Heo Jae appealed that he was rather a victim. Representative Park No-ha left only a statement and lost contact for a week. He promised that even if it took a while, he would be able to pay the arrears of wages. But he’s not even sure of this. KBL, which gave Day One Sports time, is belatedly looking for a solution.

Professional basketball, which had fallen to the bottom, recently showed signs of a rebound. Ticket sales soared as more fans visited the stadium. But Day One Sports did the right thing. Now it is time to worry about the future of professional basketball.

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