‘The first home run in the transfer’ Choi Ji-man… “I’m more happy because I’m a left-handed pitcher”

Ji-man Choi of Pittsburgh Major League Baseball hit his first home run after transferring.

Could it be a signal to escape from sluggishness?


Choi Ji-man, who had a long-awaited chance to start against left-handed pitcher Valdez.

He turned his bat on the 7th pitch after a full-count engagement in his first at-bat.

He jumps right over the middle fence.

First home run since moving to Pittsburgh.

This is the first home run against a left-handed pitcher in 2 years and 9 months.

In addition, it was more meaningful because the opposing pitcher was a left-handed hitter, Killer Valdez, who only gave up one home run to a left-handed hitter last year.

Choi Ji-man, who has not yet been given enough opportunities.

Could this home run be a turning point?

San Diego’s Ha-Sung Kim stopped Max Scherzer’s no-hit streak.

He pulled out a clean heavy hit for Scherzer, who was fighting hard without a hit until the fifth inning with one out.

3 consecutive hits.

Ha-seong Kim did his part in defense as well.

The team was routed with two hits empty.

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