‘The fitness test I watched’ KT coach Kim Yeong-hwan’s joke “I was comfortable with my body…”

How did you feel about the physical fitness test you just watched?

On the 1st, Suwon KT convened a team and started preparing for the next season in earnest. The summoned players conducted a basic physical fitness test to check their current physical condition. A variety of tests were conducted, including body circumference measurements, flexibility, push-ups, max vertical jumps, sprints, and squats.

Park Seon-woong won first place in the push-up with 65, and Lee Doo-won, who boasts a good height of 204.4 cm, took the first place in the vertical jump. Overall, the young people were in good shape, and Han Hee-won also received a good report card.

Coach Kim Young-hwan, who joined the coaching staff in May after retiring at the end of last season, also observed this. Until last year, he took part in physical fitness tests as a player, but this year he silently watched the team. His body was comfortable, but coach Kim Young-hwan felt that his head was rather complicated.

Coach Kim Young-hwan said, “I watched the kids from the side, thinking they would be having a hard time (laughs). I felt comfortable this time. Before, I felt burdened because I was in the position of receiving the same test after vacation, and I only focused on my physical condition. Seeing it from a coaching point of view, I saw it from a different perspective. I watched the physical condition of the entire team. I thought to myself who made the body well and whether there were any problems,” he laughed.메이저놀이터

When asked who looked in good shape, coach Kim Young-hwan said, “It seems that the young players have built their bodies well. Injury may occur if you overdo it in the process of building your body. I was worried that there would be an injury even if I looked at the parts that I had built well. The body is comfortable, but the head is complicated. I think I have a lot of thoughts (laughs).”

Coach Kim Young-hwan does not need time to adapt to the KT team, but he needs to adapt to his job as a coach. Coach Younghwan Kim said, “I am adapting well. He joined from May and has been doing various things while looking at foreign players and watching videos. He is thinking about what part the players want and is studying basketball,” he said, revealing his current situation.

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