“The golden side is the illusion of broadcasting…” A pediatric psychiatrist’s advice on the choice of the teacher’s theater group

Recently, when a series of school incidents occurred, such as an elementary school student assaulting a teacher and another teacher making an extreme choice in school카지노사이트, Dr. Seo Chun-seok, a pediatric psychiatrist, said, “This is the solution proposed by this type of program. is an issue that will never be resolved.”

On the 19th, Dr. Seo mentioned recent incidents in elementary school on his SNS and said, “The problem with this type of program is that it creates the illusion that it can solve issues that will never be solved with the solutions presented on the air . will,” he said.

Dr. Seo said, “(Geumjjogi Ryu program) pretends that even a child’s problem, which seems very serious, can be solved with a few rounds of counseling or a month or two of hard work.” I have no choice but to go,” he pointed out.

Dr. Seo said, “If you are a psychiatrist, you know. There are children who are difficult to change even if they try, and many of them require long-term efforts, and that efforts require a lot of support.” I want to do it,” he pinched.

Professor Seo explained that it is difficult to change by blaming the parents and children of the problem child. He emphasized, “We need to create a strong solution for the problem of infringement of teacher rights, and create a treatment institution that actively deals with difficult situations in the classroom caused by children’s mental problems or disabilities, as well as laws and systems to support it.”

He continued, “I know that there are children who do not even get a few times of counseling and education. We need to introduce strong methods, such as the placement of one-on-one dedicated teachers (therapists) with extensive experience in behavioral treatment, as well as a professional approach that allows for long-term educational hospitalization.”

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