The grandfather who went for a walk with his granddaughter is no longer worried about the bathroom in the park

“Good job. The world has changed.”

At Hangang Park in Yeouido, Seoul, Mr. Lee Hong-gyun (68) said while looking around the ‘family bathroom’. On a walk with her 11-month-old granddaughter메이저놀이터, Ms. Lee dragged her infant car to look around her family bathroom. He said, “There were times when there was no place to change diapers and dispose of urine and urine when taking a child, and there were times when it was difficult for (adults) to use the toilet in a hurry.

A family bathroom is a bathroom equipped with facilities and items so that mothers and fathers accompanying their children can use it as a family unit. Following the installation of 11 family toilets in Hangang Park by this month, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 5th that it plans to create a total of 36 family toilets in spaces frequently used by families with young children this year. The purpose is to support comfortable outings for caregivers as part of the ‘Seoul Mom and Dad VIP Zone’ , which is being promoted to create a city that is good for raising children .

The family bathroom was different from the existing bathroom from the entrance. A ramp was built on both sides of the entrance, and the yellow outer wall attracted people’s attention. The entrance to the family bathroom was highlighted in orange, which is the color of the sticker to inform the family bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, careful consideration for families with infants and toddlers stood out. There are not only toilets and sinks for adults, but also toilets and washstands tailored to children’s body types, as well as mirrors in the shape of rabbits and teddy bears that children will love. There is also a diaper changing table and foldable infant/toddler cradle for children to sit on.

The space is also spacious, so that 3 to 4 people including children and caregivers can use it comfortably and comfortably. It can fit a baby carriage as well as a wagon carrying several babies. Since the toilet is also used by the disabled, L-shaped handrails and vertical handrails are installed next to the toilet and washbasin.

Most of the citizens agreed that family toilets are necessary. Mrs. Jeong (42), who is raising a 4-year-old daughter, said, “Since we are of a different gender from our child, there are many inconveniences when we go out alone and use the bathroom.” I didn’t drink,” he said.

Woo (37), a working mother raising a 28-month-old daughter, said, “In a regular bathroom, if you bring your child into a narrow room, (the child) touches the toilet and makes a mess.” It’s hard to have If there is a family bathroom, I go there unconditionally.”

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to continuously expand the number of family toilets. Family restrooms were also opened in North Seoul’s Dream Forest and Yongsan Family Park in May. In the future, we plan to create ‘one family restroom in one park’ by creating family restrooms in all 25 directly managed parks in Seoul, including Children’s Grand Park and Seoul Forest. It was institutionalized to create family toilets even when public toilets were expanded or newly built.

Kim Seon-soon, head of the Gender Equality and Family Policy Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, “There were many opinions asking for more toilets for families with children to use together conveniently without having to wait for a long time.” I will make it,” he said.

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