The KBO League is swept by foreign pitchers… ‘Kingdom of Pitchers’ In Japan, domestic players are the mainstream, and many wins-ERA 1st to 5th are all domestic

Even if the team’s power is weak, it is possible to rank in the middle if two foreign pitchers are selected well. One of the prerequisites for fall baseball is securing foreign pitchers in the first and second starting positions. Foreign pitchers are a key factor in the power that determines the performance of the year.

As of the 15th,메이저토토사이트 the 1st to 3rd most won in the KBO League are foreign pitchers. Eric Peddy (NC) won 10 wins, Adam Plutko (LG) won 8 wins, and Raul Alcantara (Doosan) won 7 wins. All three players are members of their team’s ace, ‘One Two Punch’.

Three of the five players tied for fourth place are foreign pitchers. Casey Kelly (LG), Wes Benjamin (KT) and Kirk McCarty (SSG) won 6 victories. Six of the top 8 players with the most wins are foreigners. It is a figure that shows how large the share of foreign pitchers is in the power.

The average ERA is also similar. Among the top 5 players, Ahn Woo-jin (Heroes) is the only domestic player. With a 1.77, it ranks second in this category. Pedi, who is recording 1.74, is in first place, and Plutko (1.82), Alcantara (1.98), and Kirk McCarty (2.48) are third to fifth.

The ‘kingdom of pitchers’, Japanese professional baseball, is completely different. There is no limit on the number of foreign players, and up to four players can play in the first team, but it is difficult to find a first-class foreign pitcher. A foreign pitcher is in the starting rotation,

There is a team that is active as a finisher, but the main power is always domestic players. Especially the starting lineup.

As of the 15th, all of the top 5 players in the Central League with the most wins and ERA are domestic pitchers in Japan.

Shosei Doi (Yomiuri), a member of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japanese national team, won 8 wins and is the sole leader in most wins. Kotaro Otake (Hanshin), Katsuki Azuma (Yokohama), and Hiroki Tokoda (Hiroshima) have won 6 matches and are tied for second place.

1st place in ERA is Otake. As a left-hander who has emerged as the ace of the league-leading Hanshin Tigers, he is recording 1.13. It is followed by Tokoda (1.69), Murakami Shoki (Hanshin, 1.75), Guri Aren (Hiroshima, 1.78), and Togo (2.45).

The Pacific League is a similar picture. “Super ace” Yamamoto Yoshinobu (Orix), who will advance to the major leagues at the end of this season, is tied for first place in most wins (6 wins). Although he failed to fill the required innings, his ERA (1.59) is also at the top.

The ‘monster’ Sasaki Loki (Chiba Lotte), who played an active part as the WBC Japan representative along with Yamamoto, is also maintaining a good trend. Although he fell short of the regulation innings, he tied for 6th in most wins (5 wins) and 1st in strikeouts (79).

Sasaki returned to his team after the WBC, regrouped, and made his first appearance in mid-April. At the end of May, his finger blistered, and he took over 20 days of rest.

The top saver in both leagues is also a Japanese pitcher. In the Central League, Yamasaki Yasuaki (Yokohama) is first with 16 saves, and Cuban Reidel Martinez (Chunichi) is second with 14 saves. In the Pacific League, Masuda Naoya (Chiba Lotte) took first place with 18 saves, and Mexican Roberto Osna (Softbank) tied for second place with 13 saves.

Osna, who joined Chiba Lotte during the season last year, signed a special contract with Softbank last winter for an annual salary of 650 million won. He is the former Major League Salvation King.안전놀이터

Alcantara, which failed at the Hanshin Tigers, is flying back to Doosan. He is affiliated with Hanshin.

For the year, he recorded 4 wins, 6 losses, 23 holds, 1 save, and an average ERA of 3.96. He was eliminated from the starting competition and pitched as a relief pitcher even after receiving special treatment with an annual salary of over $2 million.

Alcantara shows the level difference between the Korean and Japanese professional leagues.

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