The kid who threw a bunch of money at a supercar… Right after the death news, “parents lie” What happened?

Amid the news that a Canadian influencer and his older메이저놀이터 brother had died, a post claiming that both siblings were alive was posted, sparking controversy over the death.

According to foreign media such as the Independent and Daily Mail on the 10th (local time), the previous day, a post was posted on the Instagram account of Chinese-Canadian influencer and rapper Lil Tay (14, real name Claire Ellyn Chi Hope) to announce his death. “It is with a heavy heart that I am informed of the sudden and tragic death of my beloved Claire,” the letter read. “No words can express this loss and pain.”

“(Lil Tay’s) brother’s death also adds to our grief,” he said. that all siblings are dead. The author of the post has not been clearly identified, and local media speculate that the author is Lil Tay’s father.

However, about two hours after the news of their deaths, an Instagram account believed to belong to Lil Tay’s brother, Jason Tian, ​​posted a post claiming that the siblings were alive and that their parents had given false news. In fact, the previous post announcing the news of Lil Tei’s death has been deleted as of the morning of the 11th (Korean time).

“To be clear, I am not dead, and I no longer have access to Lil’ Tay’s Instagram account,” he said. “They (parents) are spreading false information and we are not dead.”

“The parents took everything (from us) and abused Lil Tay badly,” he said. “This is our new account. Share this on your (Instagram) Stories and follow this account. In a few hours I will update,” he added.

So far, no real evidence of the death of her siblings has been found. In fact, according to the local police where they live, it is said that there is no record of the death of the Lil Tay siblings. The account of Lee, who is presumed to be Lil Tay’s older brother, also predicted additional disclosure, saying, “I will broadcast live when I reach 25,000 followers.”

On the other hand, Lil Tay is an influencer who has been active on Instagram since 2018. When she was 9 years old, she became popular by uploading a video of her getting out of a supercar and scattering her bundles of money on the floor. It has 3.47 million followers on Instagram alone.

However, news came that she was being physically and psychologically abused by her father, Christopher Hope, which shocked her. Her lil’ Tay was even sponsored by her fans for the cost of her lawsuit to sue her father for taking away custody of her from her mother, Angela Tian, ​​after her divorce and embezzling her earnings.

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