The Korea Football Association, the silent majority and the loud voice 

Recently, the Korea Football Association has been at the center of the topic. On the 28th of last month, the Korea Football Association held a board meeting and announced an amnesty for 100 players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined. An hour before the match against Uruguay, a ‘surprise amnesty’ was issued, which seemed to divert public attention, but due to public criticism and a backlash from the Red Devils, the disciplinary pardon was withdrawn three days later.

An organization is a collection of decisions. This decision-making is the most suitable conclusion at the level of fairness and common sense to achieve the organization’s purpose. We have seen many times in history that an individual’s decision is disguised as a collective decision by dogmatism and hypocrisy. However, you should keep in mind that it also comes with responsibility. Making decisions while avoiding responsibility is a tragedy and causes social chaos.

■ Sports relying on authoritarianism are targets of innovation

The harmful effects of authoritarianism in sports are serious. Authoritarianism can be expressed through violence in the sports scene at a small level, or it can take on the character of fascism by bringing about extreme nationalism through irrational decision-making at a broader scale. In 1936, Hitler of Germany held the Berlin Olympics, preaching the excellence of the Germanic people and propagating Nazism. Eventually, they invaded Poland, leading to World War II. Hitler had done something irreversible with his omnipotent power.

However, at the time, the Berlin Olympics were held without opposition from major countries such as the United States, Britain, and France.

■ Authoritarianism must be driven out of the social system

Fairness and common sense in sports cannot be overemphasized. However, our society no longer tolerates the group that causes social chaos by advocating fairness and common sense. Moreover, when one person’s self-righteousness does not meet the expectations we expect from fairness and common sense, the public becomes disappointed and lowers the flag of support.

Politicians’ obstinacy or the president’s lack of awareness also belong to this category. If the checks and balances against those with independent absolute power are not equipped, the society will inevitably fall into a great whirlpool. Fairness and common sense for those with absolute power are not the world we want.

■ Authoritarianism still lives around us

Authoritarianism seen in history is still alive in Korean sports in the 21st century. Anti-modern and anti-rational authoritarianism continues to send misjudgments and signals that only the strong can survive. The social structure of the silent majority and the absolute one with a voice was clearly revealed in ‘Surprise Amnesty’.메이저놀이터 This seems to have clearly revealed how the livestock cooperative operates in a closed environment without transparency or rational decision-making.

The resignation of 28 executives, the absolute majority, only further justifies these authoritarian actions. There may be an absolute majority or an absolute one.

Let’s look back to see if we have succumbed to authority and been tamed without even knowing it. Let’s think about how authoritarianism, which ultimately suppresses human dignity, ruins a nation, society, and even individuals. We look forward to the transformation of the Korean Football Association.

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