‘The missing person found in 8 years’ turns out to be ‘never left the house’

Recently, the story of a man who disappeared at the age of 17 in Texas, USA and was found after 8 years was reported, but as a result of the police investigation메이저놀이터, it was confirmed that the man had been at home for 8 years.

The Houston, Texas Police Department held a press conference and said that the news of Rudy Farias’ return, known through the Texas Missing Center on the 3rd, was not true.

Police said Farias returned home the day after he was reported missing on March 8, 2015, but his mother claimed to have been missing for the past eight years and lied to those who saw Farias in and out of the home as her niece.

The reason why Farias’ family cheated the police and the people around them is still unknown.

Earlier, Farias’ parents reported their son missing while walking the dog, and on the last two days, eight years later, someone was found and reported outside the church, and it was handed over to his family.

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