The price of the house was cut in half… This time, the place that ranked first in the increase in gap investment

In Songdo New City, gap investment and transactions by outsiders are on the rise. This is because house prices have plummeted by half last year, and demand for investment is increasing.

According to the real estate big data platform Asil on the 11th메이저놀이터, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon was surveyed as the area where Gap Investment trading increased the most over the past six months. Songdo-dong also had the most Gap Investment transactions with 137 cases over the past six months. In fact, 15 out of 123 transactions (12%) for ‘e-Pyeonhansesang Songdo’ and 14 out of 138 cases (10%) for ‘Songdo The Sharp Central City’ were gap investments that did not live there after the sale and placed monthly rent. . In addition, Yeonsu-gu also ranked 6th in the nation in the number of outsider transactions with 644 cases over the past six months.

In the midst of this, the amount of money above the pre-sale rights for apartments is also rising. The 108㎡ exclusive for ‘Songdo The Shop First Park’ was traded for 1.4 billion won (28th floor) in May, setting a record high. In April alone, it was traded at 1.18 billion won, 220 million won lower than this. The pre-sale price of the 84㎡A type exclusively for ‘The Sharp Songdo Centennial’, which started moving in last month, was around 790 million won, but in January of this year, it was traded at 740 million won, and the pre-sale price fell below the pre-sale price. However, in May, the sale price rose to 840 million won.

Apartment prices have also been on the rise for 11 consecutive weeks. According to the weekly apartment price trend of the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 7th, the first week of July (as of the 3rd), the price of apartments in Yeonsu-gu increased by 0.19% and continued to rise for 12 consecutive weeks.

Jiyoung Yang R&CThe head of the research institute analyzed, “Songdo New Town’s price has fallen significantly until last year, and as speculative overheating districts and areas subject to adjustment were lifted in the second half of last year, foreigners’ buying power is flowing in due to deregulation such as loans and taxes this year.”

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