The second year of Ryu Hyun-jin, the ‘monster’ summoned by Moon Dong-ju… “played with hitters”

The player who is the most talked about player in the KBO League this season is Moon Dong-ju (20), a right-hander in the second year of Hanwha. As his down payment of 500 million won suggests, Moon Dong-ju, who joined with high expectations, began to show his talent throughout the league this year after warming up last year.

He has an earned run average of just 1.08 in 16⅔ innings over his first three games of the season. His batting average is 0.109 and his on-base per inning (WHIP) is 0.72. He suggests that it’s not just an earned run average made out of luck. Both the pitch and command of his fastball, which easily exceeds 150 km/h, are clearly better than last year. In addition, the curve and other fastballs paired with the curve have also become sharper.

In the game against KIA in Gwangju on the 12th, when Park Chan-ho batted in the first inning, he threw 160.1km, the highest speed ever for a domestic player in the KBO League, and received national spotlight. Moon Dong-ju, who still has the qualifications of a rookie, started to beat first in this year’s Rookie of the Year race.

Last year was at an unfinished standby level. He had a fast ball, but he didn’t make good use of it. Either he’s too honest, or he’s too out of the way. On the mound, he was seen fighting himself, not the batter. However, this year, he is facing the hitters head-to-head with an aggressive game. The fact that a second-year pitcher made such an impact in the history of the Hanwha club had to go back to the second year of the legendary Ryu Hyun-jin (36, Toronto).

However, even though Moon Dong-ju had a brilliant ERA at the beginning of the season, it is evaluated that it is insufficient to compare with Ryu Hyun-jin at the time. It is said that Ryu Hyun-jin has already been a complete pitcher since his rookie days. Although Moon Dong-ju has no reason to be disparaged as a huge talent, the shadow of Ryu Hyun-jin’s senior is too thick.
Ryu Hyun-jin is the player who made the most shocking debut in KBO league history. In 2006, his debut season, he recorded 18 wins and 6 losses with an ERA of 2.23, sweeping the Rookie of the Year award and the Most Valuable Player (MVP). In 2007, his second year, he went 17-7 with a 2.94 earned run average in 211 innings in 30 games. The 211 innings still remain as the record for the most innings pitched in a season in Ryu Hyun-jin’s professional career.

Ahn Chi-yong, a member of the ‘Sporttime Baseball’ committee who had experience dealing with Hyun-jin Ryu at the time, said, “When Ryu Hyun-jin was a rookie, he depended on his pitch a little bit, but in his second year, he learned his own tricks and pitched even better. Literally, with hitters, I think playing is the right expression. Ryu Hyun-jin is a pitcher who cannot be defined.”

However, it is emphasized that it is because Ryu Hyun-jin is such a big star, but that does not mean that Moon Dong-ju is shabby now or has a bleak future. Rather, it is rare to see a player who shows this level of pitching perfection in the second year. An Woo-jin (24‧ Kiwoom), the best pitcher in the KBO league, could not show this level of restraint and command in his second year. It is only natural that expectations for Moon Dong-ju are growing.

Commissioner Ahn said,메이저사이트 “Rather than making any changes right now, we need to learn the tricks through the experience of one game, one game. In order to do that, you will think about how to control your stamina well. At some point you will realize that you do not need to throw 100 fast balls of 150 km each. You will also think differently about how to approach runners and non-runners.” Promised continued evolution.

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