“There are a lot of selections in our team, so if you can’t throw, you can’t throw” ‘Relay hot pitch’ bloomed in competition

 “There are too many starting pitchers on our team, so if you can’t pitch, you’re out.”

SSG Landers Park Jong-hoon started the match against Kiwoom Heroes in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 6th and played 7 innings (104 pitches), 4 hits, 3 walks, 6 strikeouts and 1 run.

SSG won a thrilling 2-1 victory with starter Park Jong-hoon’s reverse fight. Park Jong-hoon earned his first win (2 losses) in his 5th appearance of the season. Moreover, he achieved quality starts in two consecutive games and lowered his season earned run average from 5.57 to 4.50.

After the game, Park Jong-hoon smiled and said, “One win is so hard. The average ERA has reached 4.50, and now it seems that I am pitching properly.”

At the same time, Park Jong-hoon said about pitching, “I tried to throw a lot of strikes. (Kim) Min-sik and my brother said that rather than throwing less and giving no points, let’s throw more innings even if we give points. “he said.

In the 7th inning, when the team was leading 2-0, Park Jong-hun gave up hits to Edison Russell and Lee Won-seok, and Lee Yong-gyu reached base with a hit ball, putting the bases loaded with two outs. Afterwards, he dedicated a timely hit to Lee Byeong-gyu and embraced the run. However, Park Jong-hoon’s runs did not increase as left fielder Guillermo Heredia caught runner Lee Won-seok rushing home.

Looking back at the 7th inning, Park Jong-hoon said,메이저사이트 “I thought I was still lacking. If I had been hit by senior Lee Yong-gyu, I think the result would have been different, and I would have had a little more room. But I was greedy because it was 2 outs. I threw the ball hard, but it wasn’t good as a result.”

Regarding the recent two games, Park Jong-hoon said, “I threw 6 innings and gave 5 points in the KT match. I thought a lot. I want to throw a lot,” he said.

SSG is a team with abundant selection resources. On the 3rd, Moon Seung-won was canceled from the first team entry, but the five-man starting rotation is still circulating normally. If Moon Seung-won returns and new foreign pitcher Roennis Elias joins, seven players will compete for starting positions. Elias is planning to enter the country within a few days.

Moon Seung-won hesitated and went down to the 2nd team, but the other 5 are doing their part. The recent starters’ relay good fights are impressive. Kim Gwang-hyun recorded 1 earned run in 5 innings against the KT Wiz on the 3rd, and the next day, Kirk McCarty showed a perfect pitch against KT in 6 scoreless innings. Then, on the 6th, Oh Won-seok gave a performance of 7 innings and 1 run against the Kiwoom lineup. Here, Park Jong-hoon maintained an upward trend.

Park Jong-hoon said, “There are too many starting pitchers on our team, so if you can’t throw, you’ll fall out (laughs). It’s like holding a rope.” (Foreign pitchers) come here to lose,” he said with a smile at the friendly competition.

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