‘There is no such thing as a fashion pictorial~’ Representative Lee Dae-hyung ‘Idols go to cry in suits’

Commentator Lee Dae-hyung walked on the ground like a runway.

On the 27th, ahead of the match between SSG and LG, Lee Dae-hyeong, wearing a suit, visited the LG team in training at Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Commissioner Lee found coach Mo Chang-min, who is training batters, and gave him advice and helped him.

Coach Mo Chang-min, a two-year junior at Gwangju First High School, praised Lee’s suit fit and shrugged his senior’s shoulders.

Lee Dae-hyung, who made his professional debut in 2023, is from Daedo, who recorded 505 stolen bases in his professional career, ranking third in the league’s total steals after Jun-ho Jeon (549) and Jong-beom Lee (510).

Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung,메이저사이트 nicknamed ‘Super Sonic’, transformed into an official commentator for a broadcasting company this season.

Commissioner Lee Dae-hyung, who is living his second life as a commentator, expresses his ambition to become a cheerleader while playing with his juniors.

He said, “When I comment, I can see things I couldn’t see.

The video captures commentator Lee Dae-hyung showing off his suit fit while the model is crying on the ground. Jamsil = Reporter Moonyoung Choi /2023.04.27/

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