There may be gaps, but little by little… one step at a time…

The Daegu Korea Gas Corporation basketball team,먹튀검증 which   received a poor report card  of 9th out of 10 teams last season  , appointed acting manager Kang Hyuk  as the team’s second command tower  and announced a major change… With the summer of Daegu in earnest, I am preparing for team training and sweating hard. Acting Supervisor Kang Hyuk  answered the question of whether he could make a difference when there are many power outages  . “ I think  there is a bit of a gap with other teams at the moment  . Realistically, but I will try to  narrow it down step by step so that I can go to the next level later  , so that I can go to the playoffs in the round of 6.  ” You can’t be full on the first drink, and  you win with one step on a journey of a thousand miles. Yes!

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