TikTok watchman who filmed ‘Ramen alone’ 3 years ago, 150,000 won a week ↑ Reversal of life

 Ukrainian supernova Mihailo Mudrik (22), who wore a Chelsea uniform for a transfer fee of up to 100 million euros, was just a promising player who was concentrating on uploading a video that would attract attention to social network service (SNS) even three years ago.

In ‘TikTok’, which usually uploads short videos, Mudriq shows a video of eating ramen alone with a lonely expression, stretching out his arms and pretending to catch a taxi, then ‘casting’ Paul Pogba’s proprietary ‘Dab’ to trick the taxi driver. took a picture He also filmed soccer-related videos, befitting a top-notch prospect for Shakhtar Donetsk. He performed a ‘trick’ in the desert of keeping a ball kicked by his friend with the soles of his feet. Up to this point, Mudriq’s biggest concern seems to have been how to attract attention and increase his followers. 슬롯사이트

I was interested outside the stadium, but my skills did not go anywhere. Winger Mudrik, who boasts explosive speed, scored 10 goals (18 games), including the cup, at Shakhtar in the 2022-2023 season. Last year, he played 8 games for Ukraine. Arsenal approached Moudrik first, who exploded ‘Poten’. I was looking to recruit this winter. However, Chelsea, who joined the match late, succeeded in hijacking by investing up to 100 million euros in transfer fees. It is said that he offered £100,000 a week, twice as much as Arsenal (estimated £50,000). It is a high amount of 150 million won in Hanwha.

On the 15th, before the match between Chelsea and Crystal Palace, which was held at Stamford Bridge, the home stadium, Mudrik held a ceremony with a Ukrainian flag on his shoulder. Chelsea won 1-0 with Kai Havertz’s opening goal.

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