To Jo Min who turned on the camera for 2 hours… $200,000 was donated

Jo Min (32), the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kook and his wife, who is accused of corruption in the entrance exam, released a video of her working on a chair for two hours on her YouTube channel, sweeping 2 million won in Super Chat (sponsor money). Super Chat is a function in which a subscriber, a viewer, sponsors a certain amount of money to a broadcaster in real-time YouTube broadcasting.

On the 21st, Mr. Cho released a video titled ‘Study/Work together for 2 hours’ on his YouTube channel. It is a two-hour video of himself sitting at his desk studying for 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break repeated four times.

Mr. Cho explained, “I’ve been spending most of my time working at home these days메이저놀이터, and I thought it would be nice to create a content that people studying or working from home can share, so I made ‘Study With Me’ content myself.”

In the video released over two hours, viewers sent donations ranging from as little as 10,000 won to as much as 300,000 won to Mr. Cho in real time. It is known that the donation that Mr. Cho received during the two hours that day exceeded 2 million won.

Along with the donations, the supporters said, “Cheer up, Miss Jo Min. That’s why parents endure. It is unique and also unique.” “Thanks to former Minister Cho Kuk, I realized how important politics is. Mr. Jo Min’s happiness is the happiness of the people of Korea.” “I’m so happy that Mr. Jo is doing well.” When you want to cry, cry as much as you want.”

Previously, Mr. Cho is sharing his daily life, such as vlogs and sound source releases, on the YouTube channel he opened on May 13th. As of this day, there are 255,000 subscribers and 33 uploaded videos.

Mr. Cho is listed as an accomplice in the indictment of former Minister Cho and his wife for corruption in the entrance exam. When the prosecution prosecuted former Minister Cho and his wife for involvement in irregularities in the entrance exam from September to December 2019, they saw that his children also complicit in some of the charges, but they were not brought to trial.

On the 14th, Mr. Cho was summoned and investigated as a suspect by the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office. The statute of limitations (7 years) for Cho’s charges of hierarchical obstruction of justice and forged documents related to Pusan ​​National University’s medical graduate school will expire on the 26th of next month.

With attention focused on whether or not to be prosecuted by the prosecution, Mr. Cho recently withdrew his lawsuit against the cancellation of admission to Korea University and Pusan ​​National University. Regarding this decision, Mr. Cho refuted on the 10th, saying, “I am not trying to weigh whether or not the prosecution is prosecuting.”

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