“To pay inheritance tax”… Three mothers and daughters of the Samsung family, Judamdae 2.2 trillion↑

 The amount of stock mortgage loans of three mothers and daughters in the Samsung family, including Lee Jae-yong’s mother, Hong Ra-hee, former director of the Leeum Museum of Art, Hotel Shilla President Lee Boo-jin, and Samsung Welfare Foundation Chairman Lee Seo-hyun, increased by more than 2 trillion won in one year. .

According to the Leaders Index, a research institute for business analysis, on the 9th, as of the 4th, a survey on stock collateral status of 72 owner families of 82 conglomerates with total heads was conducted. was in the middle

641 family members of 36 group owners owned stocks in subsidiaries, and 136 of them held mortgage loans. It was found that they provided 37.1% of the stocks of their affiliates as collateral and borrowed 7.6558 trillion won. Compared to the same period last year, the proportion of collateral increased by 7.5 percentage points, and the amount of mortgage loans increased by 2.2236 trillion won.

The reason why the owner family provides stocks as collateral is for the purpose of raising management funds or succession funds, paying taxes such as inheritance tax, etc. Only the property rights of the major shareholder family are set as collateral and voting rights are recognized, so funds are raised without hindrance to the exercise of management rights. There are advantages to being able to do it.

Samsung family three mothers and daughters, more than doubled the number of daughters… There is no Jaeyong LeeThe group with the largest increase in loan amount was Samsung, with former director Hong Ra-hee, president Lee Boo-jin, and board chairman Lee Seo-hyun, and three mothers and daughters excluding Chairman Lee Jae-yong. The amount of mortgage loans also increased by 2.191 trillion won, or 116.1%, from 1.8871 trillion won to 4.781 trillion won.

Former manager Hong took out a loan of 850 billion won with 21.01 million shares, or 18%, of the 117.3 million shares (1.96% stake) of Samsung Electronics he holds as collateral. It was confirmed that it is lending 250 billion won. Hong is providing 51.4% of Samsung Electronics’ shares as collateral for a mortgage loan.

President Lee borrowed 320 billion won with 9,062,000 shares of Samsung Electronics as collateral and 330 billion won with 4,656,000 shares of Samsung C&T as collateral. 517 billion won in loans, bringing the total loan amount to 1.167 trillion won.

Chairman Lee borrowed 340 billion won with 4,613,390 shares of Samsung C&T as collateral last year and 47.1 billion won with 604,000 shares of Samsung SDS as collateral . 337.1 billion won was loaned with 17.2% of (0.93%) as collateral. Samsung C&T’s loans decreased by 16 billion won to 324 billion won, and Samsung SDSIt was found that the total loan amount was 661.1 billion won as the entire 1.95% stake in the company was sold in April.

Most of the loans were for the late Chairman Lee Kun-hee to pay inheritance tax, and Chairman Lee Jae-yong had no stock-collateralized loans other than deposits for annual installments.

The next group with the largest increase in the amount메이저놀이터 of mortgage loans was LG . Last year, the amount of stock mortgage loans for five members of the LG Group owner family was 128.8 billion won, but this year it increased by 145.9 billion won to 274.7 billion won. LG

Chairman Koo Kwang-mo loaned 23 billion won and 118 billion won in February and June, respectively, to the loan amount of 26 billion won last year. On the other hand, the amount of stock-collateralized loans of Koo Bon-neung, chairman of Heesung Group, decreased by 5 billion won from 95 billion won last year to 90 billion won. Last year, 51.8% of SK and SK Discovery stocks held by 10 owners of SK Group were collateralized for 557.5 billion won in mortgage loans. SK Chairman Chey Tae- won was loaning 406.5 billion won with 3,438,010 shares of SK as collateral last year, but this year, the total loan amount increased by 25 billion won with 4,385,276 shares as collateral, an increase of about 1 million shares . confirmed as Chey Ki-won, chairman of the SK Happiness Foundation, had a stock-collateralized loan of 15.5 billion won, an increase of 1.5 billion won from 14 billion won last year, and SK Choi Seong-hwan

The president of Networks was lending 18.9 billion won with 95.7% of his stocks as collateral, but an additional 17.8 billion won increased this year.

The amount of stock-backed loans for the five members of the Hansol Group’s owner family increased from 17 billion won last year to 60.3 billion won, up from 43.3 billion won last year. Most of the increase in Hansol Group’s stock-collateralized loans was from Hansol Chemical Chairman Cho Dong-hyuk. confirmed to be in progress.

Nongshim Group also saw an increase of more than 20 billion won in stock-collateralized loans compared to last year. Most of the increase was found to be an additional loan of 14.2 billion won this year by Shin Dong-yoon, chairman of Yulchon Chemical, to pay inheritance tax.

Meanwhile, the owners’ families provide 100% of their shares as stock collateral and the borrowers are Kumho Petrochemical President Park Joon-gyeong, former SK Networks Chairman Choi Shin-won, KCC Chairman Chung Mong-jin’s eldest daughter Jeong Jae- rim, eldest son Chung Myung-seon, and SK Discovery Vice Chairman Choi Chang- won . Their son Choi Min-geun and Heo Seong-yoon, the eldest daughter of GS Retail President Huh Yeon-soo, appear to be mostly for gift tax payment.

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