Top, winger, midfielder… K-League 1 top scorer race competing for all positions

The competition for the top scorer in the professional soccer K League 1 is different from previous years. Unlike last year’s forward strikers of each team were in the top ranks, players in various positions were listed on the leaderboard this year.토토사이트

The 10 K-League 1 teams finished round 18 on the 11th. In June, during the A-match period, he entered a two-week break. As of the end of the 18th round, Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan) scored 10 goals to rank first in the scoring rankings. He scored 10 goals in 17 matches. The double penalty kick (PK) scored only one goal. His whole body is a weapon, scoring 4 goals with his left foot, 5 goals with his right foot and 1 goal with his header. His presence, which ranked second in scoring last year (17 goals), shines again this year.

Behind Joo Min-kyu, players in various positions lined up in the rankings, drawing attention. 

Bako (Ulsan), Na Sang-ho (Seoul), who finished second with eight goals, mainly plays as a side winger. With eight goals last year, Bako equaled his own record in 17 games. Na Sang-ho also made a big success, including scoring goals in four consecutive games last April, and at one time ranked first in the league’s score. He is also the only K-League player among the second-line strikers of Klinsman Ho in June. 

In third place with 6 goals, not only forward strikers Thiago (Daejeon), Yuri Jonatan (Jeju), and Lars (Suwon FC), but also second-line strikers Rubikson (Ulsan) and Ko Young-jun (Pohang) follow.

Lee Ho-jae (Pohang) and Edgar (Daegu), who scored 5 goals below them, are the frontline strikers, but Hayes, Seo Jin-soo (above Jeju), Asani (above Gwangju), Ko Jae-hyeon and Sejingya (above Daegu) are wingers or second-line strikers. If you go down to the top 5 with 4 goals, midfielders Martha (Daejeon) and Yoon Bitgaram (Suwon FC) are also making their names. In other words, a scoring competition is unfolding in all positions.

At the end of the 18th round last year, Mugosa (14 goals), Joo Min-gyu (12 goals), and Cho Kyu-seong (11 goals) took the 1st to 3rd places in the scoring rankings. They were all forward strikers. After that, winger and attacking midfielders Kim Dae-won (Gangwon FC), Eom Won-sang (Ulsan) and Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC) chased after the leader with 8 goals. This year, competitors from more diverse positions participated in the top scorer race.

There are still 20 games left before the end of the league. Fans are interested in whether Joo Min-kyu will keep the No. 1 spot until the end or whether a new challenger will emerge.

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