Two coaches left for 8 days, and the players were hurt… Is there really ‘room for improvement’ in Heungkuk Life Insurance?

 Will there be a new command tower to take over the baton in place of former coach Kwon Soon-chan? Heungkuk Life Insurance continues to disrupt the volleyball world with unbelievable moves.

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the 10th that new manager Kim Ki-joong would not take over as manager. It has been only 4 days since the announcement of the appointment of a new coach on the 6th. The club said, “Director Kim Ki-joong conveyed his intention that he had finally declined the appointment of Heungkuk Life Insurance manager. We decided to respect his will. For the time being, we will be playing the season as acting manager Kim Dae-kyung. We sincerely apologize for causing controversy.”

The club continued, “We sincerely apologize to the volleyball fans and the Pink Spiders players. We apologize for worrying fans who have cherished volleyball and Heungkuk Life Insurance due to the club’s controversy over operational intervention, resignation of the manager, and sudden replacement. I also bow my head and convey my apology to the players and coaching staff who wore it.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance made an incomprehensible decision to dismiss the manager on the 2nd. Heungkuk Life Insurance suddenly kicked out former coach Kwon, who put Heungkuk Life Insurance in second place this season. As former manager Kwon put down the baton, it became known that the head of Heungkuk Life Insurance had intervened throughout the entire game operation, from the recruitment of players, and the club could not escape the arrow of criticism.

First of all, Heungkuk Life Insurance expressed its intention to guarantee autonomy in game operation, saying, “We will thoroughly block the club’s involvement in game operation in the future and fully respect the manager’s own authority.”

It is unclear whether the team can be corrected with an apology from the club. The commanding tower, who had solidified the team to the point of competing for the lead with Hyundai E&C, already packed up and went out. The players who witnessed this process were heartbroken. Not to mention the fans’ disappointment towards the club.

Coach Kim Dae-gyeong, who is currently serving as the head coach, conveyed the atmosphere that all the players are having a hard time, saying, “Everyone is playing with their pain.” It seems that the mental damage suffered by Heungkuk Life Insurance players and fans will not be easily healed.

Intervention in the management of the game, wrapped in the interest of the owner, is a clear act of overdoing it. This incident revealed the bare face of Heungkuk Life Insurance. It is difficult for anyone to readily hand over the baton. 메이저놀이터

Heungkuk Life Insurance made a skit of announcing the appointment of a new manager in a situation where the controversy grew, and then immediately reversed it. New manager Kim explained, “Even if you are trusted inside and outside the volleyball world, the manager’s job is a difficult position. The current situation that can cause misunderstandings is a burden.” This is the part where you can see how carelessly the club moved despite the chaos.

First of all, Heungkuk Life Insurance recognized the seriousness of the situation and promised to prevent a recurrence by announcing an apology. However, the coach who was already trusted by the players left, and even the new coach declined the position. Players who lost two managers in 8 days were placed in a situation where they could not trust the club. Heungkuk Life Insurance started ‘fixing the barn after losing a cow’. There are many eyes looking to see if the situation is not repeated.

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