Unconscious victim… “Elementary teacher’s younger brother said to be careful of violence with a weapon”

The victim of Mr. Choi’s crime, a woman in her 30s, is still unconscious.

The family said the victim, who was an elementary school teacher, was a person who was smarter than anyone else.

He also said that he shared a request to be careful while looking at the murder case in Joseon.

Reporter Choi In-young reports.


A woman in her 30s who was mercilessly sexually assaulted by Choi was an elementary school teacher who cared deeply for her students.

To her family, she was a daughter and sister who was more메이저놀이터 resilient and smart than anyone else.

[Victim’s older brother: “Since our father passed away, we were in Busan, so whenever we have a chance… When a typhoon comes, we call

. A place not far from the place of the previous murderous violence in Joseon.

Right after the heinous incident, my brother and his brother had a meal together last week and asked us to be careful.

[Victim’s Older Brother: “My younger brother also lives in Gwanak-gu, so be careful. At that time, I didn’t know that something like this would happen. But since this happened…”] After the ensuing knife rampage, the police strengthened patrols to prevent similar accidents

. Measures have been repeatedly announced. CCTV secured by

KBSIn the video, at around 10:50 am, a police patrol car was also caught patrolling at the beginning of the Dulle-gil where Mr. Choi was.

“The road was designated as a high-crime area because there were few people, and it was included as a patrol area,” the police explained.

However, Choi’s crime, who arrived on the scene just 10 minutes after the patrol car passed by, could not be stopped.

[Victim’s older brother: “They did it a lot by showing it on the news. They even went armored vehicles. But in the end, another accident happened.”] As the crime was conducted in a place where

people are rare and there are no CCTVs , the current multi-crowd Now is the time to carefully examine whether there are any areas that the regionally-focused response strategy has missed.

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