US Negro League baseball field reopens… To play after 26 years

A baseball game was held for the first time in 26 years at Hinchliff Stadium in Patterson, New Jersey, USA. Hinchliff Stadium was the baseball field of the Negro League that disappeared into history.

According to USA Today on the 23rd (Korean time), the home game of the New Jersey Jackals of the American independent baseball league was held at Hinchliff Stadium on the 22nd. Hinchliff Stadium was opened in 1932 and was the stadium of the Negro League where blacks competed. Hinchliff Stadium, which was home to the New York Black Yankees, closed in 1997 as the facility deteriorated.

Hinchliff Stadium was transformed into a modern stadium with an investment of 103 million dollars (approximately 134.8 billion won), and will be used as the home stadium of the Jackals in the future. About 1,000 paying spectators came to cheer for the Jackals on the first day of the game at Hinchliff Stadium in 26 years. The Jackals defeated the Sussex Country Miners 10-6.메이저놀이터

Patterson Mayor Andre Saye said, “We expect the reopening of Hinchliff Stadium to have a number of positive effects on the city of Patterson. It will be a renaissance in the city.”

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