‘Vietnam Hiddink’ director Park Hang-seo farewell amid applause

Coach Park Hang-seo and Vietnam’s soccer journey have come to an end. 

Although they unfortunately finished runner-up in the farewell match, the Southeast Asian Cup, they were praised by Vietnamese fans with evaluations that they had changed the game of Vietnamese football over the past five years. 

This is Reporter Kwon Sol.

Vietnamese players stand in a row and applaud.

[Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnam national soccer team coach]
“I will miss you. All the good memories will be in my heart. We did our best.”

Coach Park shook hands and hugged his players one last time.

“Thank you.”

Vietnam lost to Thailand in the Southeast Asian Cup final and remained runner-up.

However, the away fans of Vietnam did not leave the ground.

Director Park waved his hand and said hello.

“Park Hang-seo! Park Hang-seo!” 바카라

Head coach Park Hang-seo has changed the football landscape in Southeast Asia over the past five years.

He reached the semifinals at the 2018 Asian Games and in the same year won the Southeast Asian Cup for the first time in 10 years, becoming Vietnam’s national hero.

In Qatar World Cup qualifiers, Vietnam was placed in the final Asian qualifier for the first time ever.

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“Coach Park Hang-seo left many footprints in the history of Vietnamese football.”

Although the final was not crowned with a victory, Vietnamese fans posted thanks on social media to manager Park Hang-seo, who caused a syndrome in a football wasteland.

[Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnam national team coach]
“I am proud to be a Korean. I am also grateful to the Vietnamese people and soccer fans who have supported me for the past 5 years.”

This is Kwon Sol from Channel A News.

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