Was it too short? Edmund, who has finished walking with his mother country, hopes for the 2026 Taegeuk mark

“I hope a good opportunity will come again”.

Major leaguer Tommy Edman (27. St. Louis Cardinals), who participated in the Korean national team of the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC), showed hope for the Taegeuk mark in the 2026 tournament as well. 

Edman wore the Taegeuk mark this time because his mother was from Korea. It was to add strength to his mother’s country. When Edmund, who earned a major league gold glove and has a reputation as a utility man, expressed his intention to participate, the Korean national team also welcomed it.

The Keystone combination of shortstop Kim Ha-seong and second baseman Edmon was evaluated as the strongest in the tournament. Equipped with quick feet that recorded more than 30 stolen bases,메이저사이트 Kim Ha-seong and the table setter team were formed. Expectations were high that he would become the center throughout the airlift.

Edman participated in his team’s spring camp to build up his body and entered Korea on the 1st to join the national team. However, he did not perform as well as expected. He had a batting average of 1.8 2 Lee (2-for-11), 2 RBI, 1 run and an OPS of .432 in three WBC first round games. He failed to lead his mother’s country to the quarterfinals. 

He committed a throwing error in the game against Japan on the 10th, and in the first game (9th) against Australia, he went on base with a lead-off hit in the bottom of the 9th inning and took a chance to tie the game, but failed to steal the base after 2 strikes. Against the Czech Republic, he contributed to the victory with one hit and two RBIs.

On the 14th, as the national team returns home, Edmund says goodbye. It was a short two-week journey. Although he did not produce results, it must have been a memorable memory in his baseball life. It was a time where he could fully feel the scent of his mother’s country while building strong bonds with Korean players. 

In an interview with Mix Zone after the game, Edman said, “It was a good experience. I’m glad I got to know the players. I learned how Koreans accept baseball. I’m glad I got the opportunity.” 

“(Regarding the sluggish performance), everyone had a hard time because it was during the spring camp. It was not the middle of the season. There are many talented players on this team. I did not play as well as expected,” he expressed regret. 

Finally, regarding participation in the next competition, he said, “I hope so. I don’t know what the situation or my career will be like in three years, but I hope that a good opportunity will come again.” 

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