“We are all Vinicius”… Fighting ‘Racism’

Vinicius, the Brazilian striker of Real Madrid, suffered the worst racism and caused a great stir. His teammates and fans united in one voice for Vinicius, calling out against racism.안전놀이터

In response to racist attacks by Valencia fans throughout the game,

[Monkey! monkey! monkey! Monkey!]

Three days after Vinicius ended up shedding tears, all of his fellow Real Madrid players went to the home stadium wearing uniforms with Vinicius’ name and number engraved on them.

The away team players also raised placards against racism to show their solidarity, and the home fans cheered for Vinicius with the banner “We are all Vinicius”.

Vinicius, who was watching the game from the stands because of his injury, stood up and waved at him as his fans gave him a standing ovation in the 20th minute of the first half according to his shirt number.

Teammate Rodrygo held a ceremony to fight racism after scoring a goal, and Vinicius thanked his teammates and fans via social media after the match.

The voice of self-reflection is spreading as a result of this incident in Spanish professional football, where racial discrimination was prevalent, such as other teams joining the campaign.

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