“We need to know what we want first.” The ‘current state’ of Korean football philosophy from the perspective of Chairman Muller

“We need to know what we want so that we can set the general direction.”

Michael Müller (58), head of the National Team Strengthening Committee of the Korea Football Association, suggested establishing a philosophy for Korean football before appointing the next national team coach.

Michael Müller, head of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Strengthening Committee, held an inauguration press conference at the Korea Football Association Soccer Center on the 11th.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 4th that “Recently, Lee Yong-soo, chairman of the National Team Power Enhancement Committee, expressed his gratitude and repaired it, and newly appointed Michael Muller, who is currently the technical development chairman of the association, as his successor.”

This is the first time that a foreigner has been appointed to the head of the National Team Strengthening Committee, which is responsible for fostering and managing the national team. 

Chairman Müller, who is from Germany, took office as a leader training instructor for the Korea Football Association in April 2018, and since the fall of that year, he has served as the association’s technical development chairman twice.   메이저놀이터

Chairman Mueller, who starts again from a blank list of candidates for the next director, sets up a new director selection committee and guidelines and starts the process. 

He avoided giving a definite answer about the term of office for the next director. Chairman Muller said, “It has not yet been decided. It depends on negotiations (with the candidate coach),” but said, “In my personal opinion, I think it is good to have a long-term successful relationship.” 

Like the previous manager Paulo Bento, it seems that he is considering signing a long-term contract and even considering a manager with a division. Chairman Mueller said, “The manager is very important in football. He is the head and leader. I think it is also important for the new manager to lead the coaching staff. Of course, this part will be discussed directly with the candidate.” 

Regarding whether to continue the four-year football philosophy created by Bento, he said, “We don’t know the potential and competitiveness of each individual. However, we want to appoint a new coach who fits the philosophy of the Football Association. Knowing what we want and how to do it is important.” I think it’s important,” he said. 

Regarding the philosophy of the Football Association, he said, “We discussed philosophy and vision until last week. Philosophy should include Korean values. Also, there are mental strength, will to do, fighting, strength, and fighting spirit. Personal characteristics should also be developed.” said.

He continued, “It’s cold outside, but we can’t open the window without warming the inside. We can set the general direction only when we know what we want. There must be a (Korean) distinctive style.” 

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