Wearing a wet raincoat and sitting on a subway seat…’Drenched Show’ Nuisance Controversy

There is water on the subway floor.

The seats are also damp.

This is a picture posted on an online cafe after the recent메이저놀이터 performance of singer Psy’s ‘Drenched Show’.

The writer complained, “The spectators of the Soaking Show turned the subway line 2 into a sea of ​​water,” and “What if I sit still wearing a raincoat?”

There are even eyewitness accounts of him sitting in a senior citizen seat wearing a raincoat.

Psy’s ‘Drenched Show’ is famous for shooting water cannons at the audience during the performance.

It is said that some of the audience who enjoyed the concert made a sea of ​​water like this by using public transportation while wearing raincoats soaked in water.

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