What will change the foldable phone… Samsung ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5 · Fold 5’ released today

Samsung Electronics’ 5th generation foldable (folding and unfolding) phone will be released today (26th). The new ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ are expected to gain great response from existing foldable phone customers as they improve usability, such as being lighter in weight compared to their predecessors, and improve wrinkles, which were pointed out as a weakness of foldable phones. expected

Samsung Electronics will open ‘Galaxy Unpack 2023’ at COEX in Seoul at 8:00 pm on the 26th and unveil a new foldable phone. Although Samsung Electronics has not officially announced the public products, the industry expects that the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ will be released through this ‘Unpack’. New smartwatches and tablets will also be unveiled.

The ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ are expected to improve many of the shortcomings of existing foldable phones and improve their completeness. Summarizing the contents leaked through the industry and foreign media, the new product has a waterdrop hinge applied to the folding part, which completely adheres to the screen when folded and improves the disadvantages of the existing ‘U- shaped hinge’ in which dust flows in through gaps. In addition, it is expected that this will reduce the physical burden on the display and partially solve the wrinkle problem. The performance of the application processor ( AP

) , which serves as the brain of the smartphone, is also enhanced. Qualcomm’s ‘Snapdragon 8 2nd Generation for Galaxy’ installed in the ‘Galaxy S23’ series is installed, and performance and battery efficiency are expected to improve. IP58 for the first foldable phoneThe possibility that the waterproof and dustproof function of the grade will be added and the thickness will be thinner is also being discussed. The weight of the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ is expected to be 185g, which is 2g lighter than the previous one, and the ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ is 9g lighter, 254g.

In the case of the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’, which folds up and down like a clam shell, its usability is maximized. As the size of the cover display has doubled from 1.9 inches to 3.4 inches, it is expected to be able to use various functions such as watching videos and sending messages even when the smartphone is folded.

It is expected that the price will rise by 50,000 to 100,000 won from the previous product as component prices increase and performance is strengthened . The price of the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ is likely to start at 1.4 million won and the ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ at 2.09 million won먹튀검증.

This is the first time that Samsung Electronics is holding ‘Galaxy Unpack’ in Korea. ‘Galaxy Unpack’, which started with the unveiling of the first model of ‘Galaxy S’ in Las Vegas, USA in March 2010, has been held in major global cities such as New York and San Francisco, London, England, Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, ​​Spain . The move to Seoul this year is interpreted as a willingness to solidify its position as a ‘foldable aid’ against competitors that are offering similar foldable phone products, such as Chinese companies.

In this regard, Samsung Electronics said, “We plan to unveil a new foldable phone in Korea and imprint our pride as the original foldable phone worldwide.” “he said.

Samsung Electronics is actively promoting the atmosphere ahead of the ‘Galaxy Unpack’. It is running large-scale digital outdoor advertisements at major landmarks around the world, such as Gangnam-daero in Seoul, Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Square in London, Central World in Bangkok, Thailand, and Taikoo Li in Chengdu, China. Recently, Namsan ‘N, Yongsan-gu, SeoulSeoul Tower’ started digital outdoor advertisement at night. In addition, Samsung Electronics’ first ‘Korea Galaxy Unpack’ is being promoted at major Samsung stores in Seoul, such as ‘Samsung Gangnam’, ‘Samsung Store Cheongdam’ and ‘Samsung Store Daechi’.

Samsung Electronics aims to improve its performance in the second half of the year through the launch of this new product. The fact that the ‘Unpack’ was held two weeks earlier than in previous years is also interpreted as a strategy to fully enjoy the ‘new product effect’. Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung Electronics’ MX division (president), expressed his confidence, saying, “The new product will be the stepping stone for Samsung’s next innovation.”

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