When there are no more people to stab, go to another floor… shopping mall hell

Thirteen days after the murder at Sillim Station, another ‘don’t ask me stabbing’ occurred in the middle of downtown Seoul. While the police were concentrating on crime prevention activities at Sillim Station, the criminal, a man in his early 20s who chose Seohyeon Station in Bundang, ran into passers-by with his car and then rammed the shopping mall wide open, injuring 14 innocent citizens. This crime is likely to be a copycat crime of the Sillim Station stabbing incident, and there are concerns about another terrorism targeting an unspecified majority. According to the police and witnesses on the 3rd, the scene at the time was a horror itself. According to a video shared on social network service ( SNS ), the criminal brandished a black hoodie, a hat, and even sunglasses, brandishing a weapon regardless of age or gender.

Mr. Moon, an office worker in his 40s, said, “At first I thought it was a celebrity because there were so many people there, but there was a man bleeding on the floor, and a woman was taken to the emergency room unconscious.” He brandished a knife at the staff and went upstairs when there was no one to stab him with.”

Another witness, Mr. Park (17), said, “It was so scary to see people suddenly bleeding and crowding around.”

The perpetrator attacked indiscriminately, regardless of gender or age메이저놀이터. When looking at the gender of the 9 victims, 4 were male and 5 were female. By age, there are 5 people in their 20s, 1 person in their 40s, 1 person in their 50s, 1 person in their 60s, and 1 person in their 70s. The degree of injury was 8 serious and 1 light, and the damage was to the stomach,

The police received a 112 report that a man was wielding a knife at around 5:59 pm on the same day, dispatched to the scene, and arrested the culprit at around 6:05 pm. The police are investigating the exact circumstances and motive of the crime against the arrested criminal. The culprit is said to have told the police that “a group of Buddhist statues are trying to contract me to kill”. In addition, since the criminal is currently complaining of paranoia, etc., we are checking his mental illness such as schizophrenia and drug use.

As a result of this incident, there are growing calls for strict punishment for the deviant behavior of some social dissatisfied people with a tendency to violence. Mr. Baek, an office worker in his 30s, said, “I feel great fear in my daily commute using public transportation.” did. Immediately after the incident, the police also held an emergency video conference with the heads of provincial and provincial offices presided over by National Police Agency Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun, and defined such a “don’t ask crime” as “actually a terrorist act,” while “immediately and intensively” deploying police forces in crowded places. set out to devise countermeasures.

Commissioner Yoon said, “Amid extremely high public anxiety over the so-called ‘don’t ask crime’, similar incidents have occurred in succession, making it a very serious and emergency situation.” “he said.

The police deploy 112 patrol cars and riot police personnel to crowded places, and go on night joint patrols with autonomous security teams made up of residents. Closed Circuit ( CC ) TVControl center monitoring is also strengthened. In addition, it was decided to collect investigative powers and strictly punish cases related to crimes, such as the threat of a ‘preliminary notice of murder at Sillim Station’.

Similar crimes are predicted, and citizens’ anxiety is growing. On the same day, a notice was posted on Telegram that there would be a knife fight near Ori Station on the Suin Bundang Line between 6:00 and 10:00 pm on the 4th. The post also revealed the reason, “I have no desire to live anymore, I will kill as many people as possible and even kill the cops.” “The reason I’m stabbing is because my ex-girlfriend lives nearby. I want someone you know to die.” .

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