When you wash the clothes, they come out completely dry, the ‘dream product’ unveiled for the first time

At Europe’s largest home appliance exhibition ‘ IFA 2023’ , which메이저놀이터 closed in Germany on the 5th, new products from Korean companies such as Samsung and LG Electronics received great attention. The main topic of discussion is the ‘all-in-one washer and dryer’ that allows you to wash and dry clothes in one device. Both Samsung and LG Electronics are products that were unveiled for the first time at this IFA . What is this?

Currently, most users take their clothes out of the washing machine and then place them in the dryer to dry. But this product reduces this process to one. This product is expected to be released at the end of this year or next year, but many inquiries from consumers are already pouring in.

Washing and drying can be set at once
Samsung and LG ‘s all-in-one washer and dryer products have a 7-inch LCD window at the top. Depending on the fabric, you can select a washing and drying method at the same time. The biggest benefit for consumers is that it saves them the trouble of having to go and operate the machine every time they do laundry or run the dryer. The product height has also been significantly lowered. The height of LG Electronics’ all-in-one product is 136cm ( based on LG Electronics products), which is a level that even elementary school students can easily operate. The height of the wash tower, which has a washing machine and dryer stacked on top, is 189 cm, which is taller than the average height of an adult male.All-in-one washer and dryer products have existed before. Existing products used electricity to heat air to dry clothes, which consumed a lot of power and caused severe damage to the clothes. On the other hand, this product uses a technology called a heat pump. The refrigerant is compressed using a compressor (refrigerant compressor), a device used in air conditioners, and the hot air released is put into a dryer to dry clothes. The gaseous moisture extracted from the clothes passes through the cooled dryer through refrigerant compression, turns into water, and is discharged outside. This technology is currently applied to most dryers sold domestically. Both Samsung and LG have succeeded in developing heat pumps with better performance than before while reducing the size of components, making it possible to place the washing machine motor and dryer heat pump in one place, creating an all-in-one product.

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