Who is the winner of the 99th ‘Legend Match’ on Children’s Day?

coming May 5th. On Children’s Day, the K-League’s most popular match, the ‘Legendary Match’, is coming to fans.

FC Seoul, a man on the rise, led by coach Ahn Ik-soo, and Jeonbuk Hyundai, a man in crisis, on the decline, led by coach Kim Sang-sik, are predicting an irresistible showdown at Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul on the 5th (Friday).

The contrast between the two teams is striking.메이저놀이터 The home team, Seoul, is showing the best form this season, unlike last season, under the direction of head coach Ahn Ik-soo. In the 10 matches played since the opening of the league, he is in second place with 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. In addition, national striker Na Sang-ho (7 goals in 10 matches), who is the team’s highest scorer and the top scorer, is showing great performance in the team. is invigorating Thanks to Na Sang-ho’s explosive scoring power, Seoul recorded the most goals in the league (21 goals), showing a ‘transformation’ from last season.

Seoul showed a ‘transformation of a round bone’ in a good way, but Jeonbuk, the away team, is showing a ‘transformation of a round bone’ in a different meaning. Jeonbuk, which recorded 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses in 10 games under the leadership of coach Kim Sang-sik, is having the worst time due to the worst performance, conflicts between the club and fans, and requests for the resignation of the coach and CEO. In the home game against Gangwon FC in the last 10th round, right after giving the winning goal to Gangwon Yang Hyun-joon at the end of the second half, the team lost and captains Hong Jeong-ho and Kim Moon-hwan were sent off in turn, and Jeonbuk even suffered a power leak.

A ‘Golden Opportunity’ in Seoul

It would be Seoul that cannot miss the ‘golden opportunity’ to catch Jeonbuk in the worst situation. For the past five years, Seoul has been carrying on a ‘winless jinx’ against Jeonbuk. On July 2, 2017, in the league match held in Sangam, Seoul, the memory of the last victory was to beat Jeonbuk thanks to multi-goals by Yun Seung-won and Park Ju-young (Ulsan).

After this game, Seoul suffered 4 draws and 13 losses in 17 league games against Jeonbuk, and is suffering from Jeonbuk phobia. In addition to this, the draw jinx against Jeonbuk on Children’s Day is also valid.

The number of Children’s Day matches between Seoul and Jeonbuk since the relocation in 2004 is a total of three. In 2004, Jeonbuk won against Seoul by scoring 4 goals, and in 2013, I remember Jeonbuk winning 1-0 against Seoul thanks to Lee Seung-gi (Busan)’s goal. In last year’s match between the two teams, Jeonbuk took the lead with Ryu Jae-moon’s first goal, but Seoul’s Park Dong-jin completed a dramatic equalizer just before the end of the second half, leading to a draw. On Children’s Day, Seoul is inferior with 1 draw and 2 losses.

In addition to the team’s flow, coach Ahn Ik-soo had a golden opportunity to break the no-win jinx against Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik. In September 2021, coach Ahn Ik-soo, who took over the position of the Seoul command tower when coach Park Jin-seop (Busan) stepped down, has a career record (including the FA Cup) 2 draws and 2 losses against coach Kim.

Seoul will think it has a golden opportunity to cut off this worst opponent record this time. Jeonbuk will also find it burdensome to meet Seoul, which is riding the upward trend in the worst situation. If you refer to these interesting records before watching and intuition the game, you will enjoy a more interesting ‘legendary match’.

The protagonist of the reversed ‘Dak Gong’

shut up and attack. It was the color that symbolized Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk used to score more goals by strangling opponents even when they were winning, but now I can’t see this even if I wash my eyes and look for it. On the contrary, I feel that Seoul took away the image of ‘Dakgong’.

Jeonbuk scored 10 goals in 10 games this season, showing their worst performance with only 1 goal per game. In addition to this, the sluggishness of the forward strikers is also showing an unusual appearance. Moon Seon-min (2 goals) is the only top scorer in the top 20 scoring list, and the top scorer, Moon Seon-min, has disappeared in recent matches and is nowhere to be found.

In addition, Song Min-gyu (2 goals, 1 assist), who has the most attack points along with Moon Seon-min, was also expected to miss due to an injury suffered in the previous match against Gangwon, so this legendary match is approaching even more bleak for Jeonbuk.

On the other hand, Seoul’s attackers are evenly successful in scoring, leading the league team in scoring. Seoul, which has 21 goals, is on the rise with Na Sang-ho (7 goals) and Im Sang-hyeop Palosevich (3 goals) splitting evenly in the attacking line. However, the forefront concerns are currently in progress. Captain Ilyuchenko has been silent with 1 goal in the last 5 games, and Hwang Ui-jo, the national striker, has spread the wings of revival by posting 2 goals and 1 assist in the last 5 games, but was injured in the previous match against Suwon FC and will miss this Jeonbuk match. situation is inevitable.

Nevertheless, Seoul is in a situation where the presence of Na Sang-ho, who is running first in the individual scoring rankings, is strong. In addition to Na Sang-ho, Park Dong-jin, who is strong in Jeonbuk, is also waiting for a sortie, and the fact that Palosevich, who can always score, and the recent trend of clinical consultations are good is a good thing for Seoul.

The atmosphere is already starting to heat up. As of the 2nd, more than 35,000 copies were sold, and a large number of Jeonbuk fans leaving the expedition predicted a trip to Seoul, so unless there is a variable rain, cloud spectators will flock to this legendary match.

Following the Hyundai Derby (Ulsan VS Jeonbuk), Super Match (Seoul VS Suwon), and East Coast Derby (Pohang VS Ulsan), who will win the ‘legendary match’ between Jeonbuk and Seoul, which has become the most successful match since the 2010s? Let’s pay attention to the legend match of Children’s Day, which will be held on the first day of Golden Week on the 5th (Fri).

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