Why Lee Dong-joon, who was born in Ulsan ace, chose Jeonbuk

 Lee Dong-jun was grateful to Jeonbuk Hyundai for reaching out during difficult times.

On the 12th, at 3:20 pm, Lee Dong-jun held a press conference for the 2023 K-League Dongge Field Training Media Camp at the Jeonbuk Clubhouse located in Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do.

Lee Dong-jun joined Busan I-Park in 2017 and made his professional debut. Lee Dong-jun transferred to Ulsan Hyundai after showing outstanding performance in the K-League 2. In the 2021 season, Lee Dong-jun, as Ulsan’s ace, once competed fiercely with Jeonbuk. Unfortunately, Ulsan missed the league championship, but Lee Dong-jun had the best season by reaching the K-League 1 Best Eleven.

Based on this, Lee Dong-jun, who even received the eye stamp of coach Paulo Bento, debuted in his national team. Lee Dong-jun, who had a good season in Ulsan, received an offer from German Bundesliga Hertha Berlin in 2021 and challenged Europe.

Unfortunately, however, successive injuries prevented him from adapting properly to his team. Lee Dong-jun, who was having a difficult time with his team, became distant from the national team. In the end, Lee Dong-jun decided to transfer after a year and chose to go to Jeonbuk, Ulsan’s rival.

Lee Dong-jun, who made a difficult decision, said, “2022 was a difficult year. Until then, I hadn’t suffered many injuries, but there were long-term injuries. It was a series of injuries. It was very difficult. In my head, I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to play soccer healthy without injury. . Jeonbuk highly valued the value of a player like me. So I came. I just thought I would prepare hard for Jeonbuk,” he explained why he chose Jeonbuk.

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‘s an honor to come to Jeonbuk. I want to do well in winter training and have a good season.

-How did you get through the tough times? – Reason for choosing Jeonbuk

2022 has been a tough year. I didn’t have many injuries, but there were also long-term ones. It was a series of injuries. It was very difficult. I had a lot of thoughts in my head that I wanted to play soccer healthy without injury. Jeonbuk highly valued me as a player. so it came I just thought that I would prepare hard for Jeonbuk.

– Advice on rumors of Jo Gyu-sung’s transfer I

transferred around this time last year. The hard part for me was to advance to the top 4 European leagues, but I couldn’t play well in the winter season. It was a burden to start the season right away because my physical condition was not normal. That part was a little difficult. Kyu-seong’s thoughts are important. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter.

– Impressions of moving to Ulsan rival Jeonbuk

In 2021, I had a good season in Ulsan. So, it would be a lie if I said there was no pressure after coming to Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk put in a good offer. I am grateful to the club for this. Ulsan is a team I am grateful for. The current club is Jeonbuk. I want to work hard and show a good image. We focus only on bringing good results.

With the decision to move the team from Germany, I thought the opinions of each club and coach were important. Jeonbuk was the most active. You appealed a lot even before winter. When I was having a hard time with an injury, I was more moved because it was a club that reached out to me.

– Messages from Ulsan colleagues

I also called director Hong Myung-bo and senior Lee Cheong-yong. He said he respected everyone. I think we should fight for victory on our own teams.

– Impressions of watching the World Cup It was the

first time I went abroad. There were parts to adapt to. He was seriously injured in the process. Always had confidence. It wasn’t just about confidence. I watched the World Cup in Germany and got goosebumps. We cheered as a nation. I was happy to see the resolution I had prepared for 4 years. My dream of playing in the next World Cup grew bigger.

-What if you turn back the time to 1 year ago? 바카라

The first thing I always dreamed of was going to Europe. Even under the same circumstances, they will say that they will advance to Germany.

-Aspirations for the Asian Games and Olympics

One of the big reasons for coming to Jeonbuk is the military service issue. This is a situation that should be resolved somehow within two years. It is important to work hard in Jeonbuk and show a good image. I think if you work hard, there will be good opportunities. If not, I will enlist.

-Impression of coach Bento It was the

national team convocation period, so I went to coach Bento. Thank you for your willing permission. It was urgent. It was like 1-2 days left. I am grateful for the willingness to allow me to understand my dream.

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