“Why throw it away”… Italian blue crabs imported from Korea

Recently, there was news that Italy is suffering from ‘blue crabs’ that are eating clams indiscriminately. There has been talk about whether we could import these blue crabs, which are not commonly eaten in Italy and are thrown away, but this is becoming a reality.

Reporter Park Se-yong reports.


There was a joke recently in Italy that if there were fewer clams, we wouldn’t be able to eat vongole pasta.

This is because of the ‘blue crabs’ that eat clams in droves.

Due to rising water temperatures, their population has exploded along the Italian coast. In Italy, where cooking blue crabs is not yet popular, they have declared war on blue crabs and decided to spend 4.2 billion won on eradication efforts.

As the news spread, there were a series of joking opinions in Korea, such as “Why are you throwing away that precious thing?” and “Let’s import it,” but it is becoming a reality.

A company in Incheon has begun the process of officially importing Italian blue crabs.

[Lee Kang-hee/Crab Import Company Representative: First of all, we made메이저놀이터 inquiries and inquiries to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in order to find a way to find the most reliable local partner.] Blue crabs with the same scientific name are already imported from Greece

. And the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has deemed it suitable as a food ingredient, so it appears that Italian blue crabs will be able to appear on domestic tables as early as this year.

[Lee Kang-hee/Crab Import Company Representative: It takes about a month and a half for the container to arrive, so consumers will be able to enjoy Italian crabs in Korea within this year.] Italian crabs are imported in frozen form and mainly distributed for soy sauce crab sauce

. It is expected to be.

In the past, Tunisia was also troubled by the rapid increase in blue crabs that eat fish, and Asian countries, including Korea, have been importing them in large quantities since 2017.

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