Will Biden lose to Trump when the ‘third candidate’ comes out in the US presidential election?

In Michigan, Gyeonghap, “Biden will lose if the Green Party candidate comes out” Poll Poll

Democratic Party’s’Three Candidate Theory’ Wary, Clinton votes메이저놀이터 dispersed in the past (Rematch)’, a ‘third candidate theory’ is emerging in the United States to search for a new presidential candidate. However, a poll showed that President Biden would lose to former President Trump if the third candidate, the Green Party candidate, ran in a major race for the US presidential election. The votes of the democratic and progressive camps were dispersed, and former President Trump benefited, and the Democratic Party is wary of the ‘third candidate theory’.

On the 4th (local time), Emerson University in the US announced the results of a poll conducted on 1121 voters in Michigan on the 1st and 2nd. According to the survey, in a bilateral virtual confrontation in which only President Biden and former President Trump were named on the ballot, the two candidates received 44% support and tied. But that changed when Cornel West, the Green Party’s leading presidential candidate, was added to the ballot. West, a black social activist, influenced the approval ratings of the other two candidates, leading former President Trump to 43%, ahead of President Biden (41%) within the margin of error (±2.9 percentage points).

In the 2016 presidential election, when former President Trump was previously elected, the Green Party candidate Jill Stein dispersed the Democratic Party’s votes, so the Democratic Party is wary of the ‘third candidate theory’. Former President Trump edged ahead of then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in three battlegrounds at the time, and Politico, an American political media outlet, analyzed that Green Party candidate Jill Stein took more votes than the gap. In this situation, as No Labels , a centrist political group, moves to elect a third candidate, the attention of Washington’s political family is focused. The group aims to nominate one candidate each from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in next year’s presidential election. It is reported that Senator Manchin and former Gov. Hogan are the leading candidates.

This time, the Democratic Party is concerned that if Congressman Manchin actually runs for the presidential election, it will disperse the Democratic vote and eventually return to Trump’s favor. “Can you imagine what Trump’s second term will be like,” Democratic Senator John Fetterman told Politico. Everything will be about revenge,” he said, wary of No Labels’ movements.

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