Will Kim Ha-seong be a colleague with Ohtani? “San Diego may be the winner of the Ohtani scramble”

The New York Post of the United States predicted Ohtani’s destination after the end of the 2023 season on the 3rd (Korean time), explaining that “San Diego, not the New York Mets or LA Dodgers, could be the final winner.”

Although the 2023 season has not yet begun, interest in Ohtani’s future is already hot. While there is a high possibility of leaving the current team, the Angels, there is a story that Major League (MLB) 메이저사이트 representative ‘big hands’ Mets and Dodgers will bet a large amount on Ohtani’s scramble.

Locals believe that Ohtani, who has a competitive edge in Tuta, has a good chance of winning the first ‘500 million dollar contract’ in history.

In the midst of this, the media predicted that San Diego could embrace Ohtani through fierce competition, but the basis lies in the ‘luxury tax’.

The media explained that “the luxury tax for each club will be an obstacle to signing contracts,” and “the Mets are the first in the total annual salary based on the luxury tax in 2022, and the Dodgers are the second.”

He added, “If Ohtani earns an annual salary of $50 million, the Mets will have to spend $105 million a year including luxury tax. For this reason, San Diego, which does not have a high total salary, can invest a large amount.”

The standard for luxury tax this year is $230 million, but San Diego has to pay $1.5 million in luxury tax. Still, the Dodgers ($32.4 million), It is less than the Mets ($30.8 million). Relatively, they can afford to invest a large amount in Ohtani recruitment.

The fact that San Diego has Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish can also have an impact. If Darvish shakes Ohtani’s heart with a strong love call, San Diego can gain an advantage in the future recruitment match. The two boarded the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japan team side by side. An environment where you can talk up close was created.

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