Will Koo Ja-wook write a new history beyond Lee Dae-ho and Kim Joo-chan of ‘8G consecutive multi-hits’?

8 consecutive multi-hits. Will Ja-Wook Koo (Samsung Lions), who is showing off a good sense of hitting, write a new history in the KBO League? 

Ja-wook Koo recorded a batting average of 0.403 this season (21 hits in 52 at-bats in 13 games), ranking third in the league in batting average and first in hits. Excluding the opening game on the 1st, he has a 12-game hitting streak and is leading the team’s hitting lineup. 

Furthermore, Ja-wook Koo had two or more hits in 9 of the 12 games he had hits. In particular, since the match against the LG Twins on the 8th, he has made multiple hits in 8 consecutive games, showing a good sense of hitting. It is a pace worth aiming for a new KBO league record.

In the 41-year history of the KBO League, there have been only 18 instances where multiple hits have been recorded in 8 games in a row. Considering that Kim Joo-chan and Lee Dae-ho (retired) set the record twice, there are only 16 players including Koo Ja-wook who have reached the multi-hit mark in 8 consecutive games. 

The record for the most consecutive multi-hits is Kim Joo-chan’s 10 games with the KIA Tigers in 2014. Only three players recorded multi-hits in 9 consecutive games:메이저사이트 Lee Jong-do (MBC at the time) in 1983, Min Byung-hun (Doosan) in 2014, and Lee Dae-ho (Lotte) in 2018. Attention is focusing on whether Ja-wook Koo will be able to put his name on a record that only four people have stepped on in history. 

Last year, Ja-wook Koo signed a non-FA (free agent) multi-year contract and gathered expectations, but had to spend a disappointing year due to unexpected injuries and sluggishness. Since then, Ja-wook Koo voluntarily participated in the finishing camp, which was mainly composed of young players, as an incisive referee and sweated in beads, and prepared for a new season with constant efforts until this year’s spring camp, aiming for a rebound. Koo Ja-wook’s efforts are bearing fruit at the beginning of the season. 

This season, Koo Ja-wook has continued to have a better hitting feeling with a concise swing since he changed his batting order to lead off (batter No. 1). Koo Ja-wook is struggling and holding the center of the team’s batting line in a situation where it is difficult to hit the lineup due to line injuries such as Kim Hyun-jun, Kim Jae-seong, and Kim Dong-yeop. 

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