Will SSG, which recruited a right-handed hitter who catches a left-handed pitcher, enjoy the effect of recruiting Kang Jin-seong?

“I’m looking forward to a left-handed pitching special list.”

This is what SSG general manager Kim Seong-yong said about outfielder Kang Jin-seong (30), who joined SSG through a trade on the 25th. SSG gave away pitcher Kim Jeong-woo to Doosan and brought in Kang Jin-seong. This trade was made at the request of SSG.

SSG recruited Kang Jin-seong because the batting average against left-handed pitchers in the team’s batting line is low. SSG’s current batting average against left-handed pitchers is 0.231, 7th overall. This is more than two pennies lower than the team batting average of 0.252. In addition, SSG, where right-handed hitters and pinch hitters such as Kim Kang-min have been recently injured, put their heart and soul into reinforcing right-handed hitters who are strong against left-handed pitchers.메이저사이트

Kang Jin-seong was the right person. Kang Jin-seong’s career batting average against left-handed pitchers is 0.291, significantly higher than his personal career batting average (0.265). In the last three years, he has hit 7 home runs with a batting average of 0.286 against left-handed pitchers. Kang Jin-seong maintained a batting average of 0.400 against left-handed pitchers in the second-team league this year as well. Kang Jin-seong, the son of Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) umpire Kang Kwang-hoe, also has outfield defense, so it can be a versatile card for SSG.

Kang Jin-seong is a ‘late cuter’. Kang Jin-seong graduated from Gyeonggi High School and entered NC with the 33rd overall pick in the 2nd draft in 2012, but until 2019, he played in 117 games with a batting average of 0.253 and only 3 homers. However, he established himself as NC’s reliable first baseman by posting a batting average of 0.309, 12 homers and 70 RBIs in 121 games in 2020. The change from a leg kick in which he lifts one foot and swings to a toe-tap strike was effective. In the case of a right-handed hitter like Kang Jin-seong, lift the left heel and lightly touch the big toe to the ground and swing. While securing stability in his swing with a toe-tap hit, he improved batting accuracy for fast balls.

However, he struggled in 2021 with 7 homers and 38 RBIs for a batting average of 0.249. After the 2021 season, he changed his uniform as a compensation player for outfielder Park Gun-woo, who transferred from Doosan to NC. Last year, his performance was only 0.163 batting average in 40 games. The cause of his sluggishness in the last two years is back pain. An SSG official hinted, “His back injury this season has fully recovered.”

Kang Jin-seong, who came to the 3rd team after joining the pro team, is also exceptional. Kang Jin-seong said, “I’m sorry to the fans for showing a disappointing appearance at Doosan. However, as much as I came to SSG through trade, I will help SSG achieve first place.” “SSG was a team I wanted to visit at least once. I was envious of the infrastructure including that, and it is an honor to join the team.”

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