Witnessed an accident during a family trip… Firefighters who saved the sisters and the driver

The firefighter who saved the life of the driver at the scene of a traffic온라인바카라 accident witnessed during a family trip is a hot topic. The main character is Lee In-pyo (32), a firefighter at the Hoengseong Fire Station.

Firefighter Lee was on a trip with his older sister and younger sister at around 9:40 a.m. on the 15th when he witnessed a 1-ton truck overturn in the tunnel toward East Seoul on the 2nd Central Expressway.

Firefighter Lee immediately stopped the car, checked the truck driver’s condition, and instructed her younger sister to call 119. He also asked his eldest sister to take control so that the vehicles following him would slow down.

The driver was conscious at the time, but the shock of the accident was severe and the car door could not be opened, making escape difficult. This firefighter ripped off the front window of the truck, rescued the driver out of the car, and helped him and his sisters to a safe area in the tunnel.

Afterwards, this firefighter stopped a passing intercity bus and asked the driver for the exact location of the accident, which he relayed to the 119 situation room. The firefighter’s sisters also reassured the driver by disinfecting his wounds with emergency medicine until the 119 ambulance arrived.

Firefighter Lee said, “The rescue was possible thanks to the help of my family. “He just did what he had to do as a firefighter,” he said humbly, adding, “I think anyone who had witnessed the accident would have come to the rescue.”

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