Women’s baseball ‘Korean-Japanese dual citizenship’ Sayuri “No loss against Japan!”

The Korean women’s baseball team will participate in the Asian Cup in Hong Kong.

Born to a Japanese father and a Korean mother, Sayuri Ohno, a player of dual nationality, drew attention by wearing the Taegeuk mark and promising to score no points in the match against Japan.메이저사이트

Sayuri Ohno, pitcher of the Korean national team, has an underhand pitching form that is rarely seen in women’s baseball.

His father is Japanese and his mother is Korean.

I am a dual citizen born in Japan.

His family has been living in Korea since he was young, so he encountered and learned baseball in Korea.

Last year, I wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time, and my dream of participating in international competitions came true.

[Soundbite] Sayuri/Women’s Baseball Team : “It’s my first time participating in an international competition. It’s such an honor and pride for me to be able to compete in an international competition as a representative of Korea.

” Also.

[Jung Geun-woo: “(Today) is your birthday?”]

[Sayuri: “No. It’s November 9th.”]

[Jung Geun-woo: “You threw really well!”]

He is a Taegeuk warrior who is determined to participate in the Korea-Japan match.

[Sayuri/Women’s Baseball Team: “Japan is the best among women’s baseball right now.

The women’s baseball team will challenge for a medal at the Asian Cup in Hong Kong later this month.

[Yang Sang-moon/Women’s Baseball Team Coach: “Our goal is to finish second in the group. We will do that so that our team can become stronger.”] [Jeong Geun-woo/Women’s Baseball Team Coach: “We all become one team, so we’re ready for the next round

. Fighting!”]

With one mind and one will, the women’s baseball team wearing the Taegeuk mark will challenge the international arena, starting with the Asian Cup Korea-Japan match on the 26th.

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