‘Yasin’ Kim Seong-geun “Coong-Pang-Fab-Pup” special hell triggered

40 seconds was enough for coach Seong-geun “Yasin” Kim’s pre-match meeting.

According to JTBC, on the 16th at 10:30 pm on the entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’, the appearance of the strongest Monsters, who entered special hell ahead of the second game against Wonkwang University, will be revealed.

After the first game, coach Kim Seong-geun was welcomed by the players with a simple and neat closing time. He checked the condition of the players ahead of the second game and left a quote saying, 스포츠토토 “Today’s game, you only need to score 1 more than your opponent,” and finished the assembly in 40 seconds, making everyone cheer.

The excitement of the meeting in the shortest time was short-lived, and the warm-up time that doubled was waiting for the strongest Monsters. Starting with ‘Captain’ Park Yong-taek, Ji Seok-hun, Lee Hong-gu, and Kim Moon-ho enter the ‘special hit hell’ in turn, and one-on-one customized training for ‘Yasin’ begins.

Coach Kim Seong-geun educates the players by mixing various onomatopoeias such as “koong, pang, fab, and poop.” Everyone’s attention is focused on whether the ‘Yasin Magic’ will be effective in this game as well, and which batter will be sent as a starter in the second game coach Kim Seong-geun plays.

The production team said, “Wonkwang University, who won the Presidential Cup and finished runner-up in the U-League, and took the place of the strongest team in college baseball, is paying attention to whether the strongest Monsters can win the second game.”

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