‘Yeomgalyang’ wants to save Kim Hyun-soo

It was the first time that he had a relationship with a priest, but his affection is as good as anyone else’s.

Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who leads professional baseball LG, made a decision. Kim Hyun-soo, who joined the team in 2018 with a large FA (free agent) contract and suddenly emerged as a representative star, is given a maintenance period. It is because of the cold veteran’s bat.

In April, when the opening ceremony was announced, Kim Hyun-soo flew with a batting average of 0.400 (32 hits in 80 at-bats) and 17 RBIs. He was also proudly named as the MVP candidate for April as he ranked first in the monthly batting average. Unfortunately, the glory was given to Kyun-an Na (Lotte), but only his hard hitting allowed LG to smile.

The momentum that was like that plummeted. In May, his batting average plummeted to 0.148 (12 hits in 81 at-bats). At the beginning of the month, there was also a no-hit streak in 34 at-bats. The silence was barely broken, but it was not an inflection point. This month, he is 1 hit in 16 at-bats and has a disastrous batting average (0.063). He was placed in the center of the batting line and took many chances, but since May, he has struggled with a batting average of 0.138 (4 hits and 7 RBIs in 29 at-bats) in scoring position.

In the end, Director Yeom made the choice. After the NC game in Jamsil on the 4th, the command tower decided to take a break after discussing with Kim Hyun-soo. Even the players themselves agreed. As it is a slump that is hard to find in our careers, we agreed that we needed time to calm ourselves down with a charger.

Manager Yeom, who met ahead of the Gocheok Kiwoom match on the 6th, said, “Kim Hyun-soo gives me time to rest and prepare without a pinch hitter. There is no participation in the Gocheok three-game series this time, and if it becomes longer, I am thinking about it throughout this week.”

The command tower said, “I am not in good condition, but going out as a pinch hitter will not solve it. It is no different from putting (Kim Hyun-soo) into a more decisive and difficult situation. It’s about giving yourself time to get on the right track. It’s the beginning of the season, so it’s possible.”

He continued,메이저사이트 “The more you dig, the more you fall into a pit. If you look for problems that do not exist, it will take a long time to wander around, such as changing forms. Then the season goes away. It is the role of me and the staff to make sure the players do not have a season where they fail.”

The most emphasized was empathy with the player himself. He said, “Hyun-soo is definitely in a position to respect his thoughts. If he wants to play the game, all he has to do is skip me. If he had let him rest before 15 or 20 games, the slump might not have come to this extent, but it took a process of building trust. Isn’t Hyeonsurang his first season? So he talked a lot. He said he could feel it enough now.” It was a glimpse of the master’s will to save the veteran who serves as the pillar of the team.

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