Yonsei-Konkuk group 1st place confirmed, central competition with Goryeo for the remaining one spot

The men’s first division college preliminaries are coming to an end메이저놀이터. The outline of advancing to the final tournament was also revealed.

The 39th MBC Cup National College Basketball Sangju Tournament is being held in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. In the men’s first division, all teams played two games each.

In Group A, Korea University and Chung-Ang University won two consecutive victories, while Dongguk University and Chosun University lost two consecutive victories. The two teams that advance to the finals have already been decided, and all that remains is the first place in the group. 1st place will be decided in a head-to-head match between Korea University and Chung-Ang University at 5:00 pm on the 15th.

Neither Korea University nor Chung-Ang University, which lacked key players, have normal power. However, while Korea University easily overpowered Chosun University and Dongguk University, Chung-Ang University struggled considerably and took victory. Moreover, Chung-Ang University played an unknown match with Chosun University until the end of the game. In the college basketball league, Korea University beat Chung-Ang University 66-54.

In Group B, Yonsei University, who won two games, secured first place in Group B. This is because they overpowered both Kyunghee University and Hanyang University, who had 1 win and 1 loss. Even if Yonsei lost their last game against Myongji University and tied with the winners of the match between Kyunghee University and Hanyang University with 2 wins and 1 loss, they will take first place in the group according to the winner-to-win principle. Kyunghee University and Hanyang University compete for the second place. In the college basketball league, Kyunghee University beat Hanyang University 60-48. Myongji University was eliminated in the preliminary round with two losses.

Group C is in the same situation as Group B. Konkuk University, which won two consecutive victories, has secured the first place in the group, and Dankook University and Sungkyunkwan University, which have one win and one loss, will compete for the second place in the group. Sangmyung University, who suffered two defeats, is guaranteed to be eliminated from the preliminaries. Dankook University defeated Sungkyunkwan University 66-55 in the College Basketball League.

The match between Kyunghee University and Hanyang University will be held at 1:00 pm on the 16th, and the match between Dankook University and Sungkyunkwan University will be held on the 16th at 3:00 pm.

All matches will be held at Sangju Gymnasium.

In this tournament, there are often cases where the opposite results come out from the college basketball league. Chung-Ang University and Dongguk University, Dankook University and Konkuk University, Sungkyunkwan University and Konkuk University, and Kyunghee University and Myongji University. In particular, Konkuk University succeeded in taking revenge in both games and settled for first place in the group.

Attention is focusing on whether the same results will be produced in the two games that will advance to the final tournament, or whether the match will be the opposite of the college basketball league.

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