Yoon Do-hyun “I finished my 3-year struggle”… Determination of cancer cell cure 

Singer Yoon Do-hyun confessed that he was diagnosed with cancer. On the 10th, Yoon Do-hyun said on

his social network service ( SNS ), “I have the courage to tell you,” and that he was diagnosed with cancer through a health checkup in 2021, and that he was “finally cured of cancer cells.”

Yoon Do-hyun said, “I was really surprised, but I accepted it, came to my senses, and decided to work hard. I received drug treatment for two weeks, but it failed.” “He said of the treatment process.

At the same time, she looked back, saying, “It was the first time I seriously thought about death, cried alone in a lot of thoughts, forced a smile even though my body was tired from radiation treatment, and endured my schedule. It was a time where I learned so many lessons.”

Then, she said, “After experiencing it, I keenly felt that a negative mind is more dangerous than cancer cells.”

Prior to Yoon Do-hyun, broadcaster Seo Jung-hee and actor Lee Joo-sil also confessed to being sentenced to cancer and fighting a disease. Actors Ahn Seong-ki and writer Huh Ji-woong메이저놀이터 shared the news of their fight against blood cancer. Singer Lee Hye-young was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, but she recently revealed that she is active and receiving treatment, such as appearing as an MC on JTBC’s ‘ Jjandangpo’ .

Cancer has become so popular that it is ranked as the number one cause of death in Koreans. According to the statistics on causes of death announced by the National Statistical Office in September of last year, the cause of death of 82,688 people, accounting for 26%, the largest proportion of the 317,680 people who died in 2021, was’malignant neoplasm (cancer)’, not Corona 19. One in four Koreans died of cancer.

Cancer is named according to the location, shape, and mutated gene of the organ in which the cancer cells grew, and shows a different course and prognosis. Among cancers, lung cancer ranks first in cancer mortality in Korea.

Recently, studies have shown that the number of people who get cancer is increasing and the age is getting younger even though they do not smoke or drink, which are traditionally known to cause cancer due to environmental pollution. In terms of cancer occurrence type, it is analyzed that the incidence rate of lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and uterine body cancer, which are classified as ‘Western’ types, are higher than stomach cancer and liver cancer. According to the National Cancer Registry, compared to 2010, in 2020, the incidence of prostate cancer increased by 109%, breast cancer by 112%, and cervical cancer by 85%, doubling the incidence.

Cancer cells are life-threatening, but experts say that if detected early, there is a high possibility of a cure. It is important to avoid salty and corrupt foods, eat a balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits, and exercise regularly.

In some cases, it is unavoidable due to genetic factors such as family history, but a good prognosis can be expected if detected early through steady health checkups. It is necessary to consult with a specialist and receive endoscopy and MRI examinations on a regular basis, and monitor the method and cycle for management.

In addition to surgery to remove cancer cells, anticancer therapy that kills cancer cells by suppressing the division cycle and radiation therapy that destroys cancer cells using radiation are mentioned as representative treatments. In the case of blood tumors such as leukemia and malignant lymphoma, healthy hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is also used as a treatment. In general, if there is no recurrence for 5 years after the end of all treatments, it is judged to be cured.

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