“You are the future ace”… Reborn as a real pitcher, 1st nomination for 155km, bold start challenge

“You are the ace of the future!”

Lotte pitching coach Bae Young-soo took up the position and encouraged the pitchers by having many casual conversations with them. He had some heavy shouts that were not light, but he tried to say good things to the players whenever he could. In 2022, he used to tell rookie Lee Min-seok (20), “You are the ace of the future.”

Lee Min-seok, who boldly threw a fastball of up to 155 km in his debut season with the first team last year, has grown steeply and confirmed his competitiveness. He recorded a ERA of 5.88 with 1 win, 1 loss and 5 holds in 27 games (1 start) 33⅔ innings. 

He still has a lot of potential. He worked both as a pitcher and an outfielder until middle school, and then switched to pitching only when he went to Kaesong High School. He is only in his fourth year since last year focused on pitching. He is still in the process of getting to know his place as a pitcher.

He said, “Last year, I really felt like I got to know a lot about pitchers, and it was a season where I really stepped up as a pitcher. I threw the most as a pitcher last year. ). It can be hard on the body, but I think throwing so much will help me a lot in future baseball and pitching. It has become a stepping stone to my baseball life. given and said 메이저놀이터

It is Lee Min-seok who said that time passed too quickly. He said, “A year passed by so quickly. I didn’t do anything, but the time flew by.” But in reality, his first-team performance was unsatisfactory. “There were more things I regretted. There are few things that I am satisfied with, and only the things I regret and made mistakes come to mind,” he said, reflecting on his regret, “I will try not to make the same mistakes next year.”

He received starting classes in the 2nd team last year, but his position in the 1st team was the bullpen. He has not been assigned a position this year. However, Lee Min-seok told coach Bae Young-soo that he wanted to make a bold selection. Lee Min-seok said, “During the final camp, coach Bae Young-soo asked everyone what position they wanted to take. So, of course, I said, ‘I want to start.’ Anyway, as a pitcher, isn’t the ultimate goal to start?” There are many, but I also want to overcome them. I can’t help it if I try to compete and fail, but anyway, my dream is to play as a starter in the pro, so if I have to compete, I will gladly do it.” 

He is in his 5th year as a pitcher, but he was quick to learn breaking balls like fastballs. The slider has become my main weapon, and the changeup I learned and threw for the first time last year has become a pitch that works to some extent in the first team, even though I say, “It’s not 100% yet. I swing wrong, but I need to lower my speed.” 

I’m trying to add a curve this year. He said, “Last year, I only asked to make sure to make the slider and changeup. I tried to learn the curve during practice, but the coach made it impossible to throw it in practice.” When it comes to mask, (Park) Se-woong hyung, (Kim) Won-joong senior, etc. I will continue to ask people who throw curves.”

This year, I will try to throw a fastball with ambition. He said, “I’m still young, so I have experience of about half a season while taking last year’s spirit, so I want to make the most of that experience and become a pitcher who develops gradually.” 

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