Your juniors don’t know the story of the Athletes Association”, ‘Little Cuba’ as a mediator in the controversy between Kim Hyun-soo and Yang Jun-hyeok

The senior’s remarks were pierced with a dagger, and the captain of the national team countered. Watching this, Park Jae-hong (50), a commentator for MBC Sports Plus, expressed regret.

When the Korean baseball team was eliminated in the first round after sluggish performance at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), some baseball seniors criticized and criticized. Then, some members of the national team burst out with sadness and dissatisfaction.

Commissioner Park Jae-hong expressed regret about this situation. With his outstanding power, he played a big role in the national competition and earned the nickname ‘Little Cuba’, and conveyed his position on this controversy through the YouTube channel ‘Sports Corporation’.

After briefly introducing the remarks of Kim Hyun-soo (35, LG) and Yang Jun-hyeok (54), he gave a neutral opinion, saying, “I understand the positions of both sides to some extent.” At the same time, he said, “Another regrettable thing is that (the juniors) do not know the story of the Athletes’ Association.”

Not only baseball fans but also baseball players spared no bitterness through official commentary or their own personal YouTube broadcasts at Korea’s first round elimination. It was a result that was difficult for the national team to understand. The players and coach Lee Kang-chul also repeatedly said, “I’m sorry.” However, there was also a voice mixed with regret among them.

Kim Hyun-soo, captain of the national team, made a statement after the match against China on the 14th. “I think I always heard a lot of words of comfort from seniors who played in the national team,” he said. I think it’s even more regrettable because I did it,” showing an uncomfortable expression.

Previously, MBC Sports Plus member Yang Joon-hyuk gave a general review of the Korea-Japan match on his YouTube channel on the 11th and said, “This is the worst game I have ever seen. I have been competitive in international competitions, but this game is the best I have ever seen.”

Going one step further, there were also remarks in a very strong tone. He said, “I remembered An Woo-jin,” “I should have given him a chance,” and even “I have to come by boat.”

Baseball fans inferred that the arrow was pointing at Commissioner Yang Joon-hyeok, with Kim Hyun-soo’s expression “those who did not (those who did not play in the national team)”. He is a player in the ranks of ‘Legend’ in the KBO League, but his national team appearance was the last since the 1999 Asian Championship.

Regarding this situation, Commissioner Park Jae-hong set out to act as a mediator. First of all, he said about Commissioner Yang Jun-hyuk’s remarks, “(Yang) Jun-hyuk (Yang) is the type who (usually) doesn’t word hard and doesn’t criticize or criticize much.” I said it, but it will hurt my heart.”

Regarding Kim Hyun-soo, he said, “Many thoughts must have crossed over. Since he is a captain, he must also play a role as a bridge between the coach and players, and he seems to have tried to act as a defense shield in the middle.” He continued, “There is a difference between the two sides, and I have to say something. There should be one or two people like Jun-hyeok hyung in the baseball world.”

He also expressed his displeasure with the media. “Criticism should be left to the fans.

Commissioner Park Jae-hong also mentioned what his juniors are missing. “Another regrettable thing is that (the juniors) do not know the story of the Athletes Association. receiving,” he said.

Yang Jun-hyeok,메이저사이트 a member of the committee, played a key role in the formation of the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association in 2000. It is a widely spread story in the baseball world that in the process, clubs became attached to each other and moved to various teams. Coincidentally, the current president of the Athletes Association is Kim Hyun-soo.

Of course, it was not my intention to rebuke my juniors. Commissioner Park added, “I think it’s the seniors’ fault for not explaining the history well to the juniors. It’s bittersweet.”

Commissioner Park Jae-hong had a strong desire for Korean baseball to achieve sound development toward the future without further division. He emphasized, “Youth friends are coming to the adult stage soon. We have to think about the basic problems and structural parts of the baseball world once again.” did.

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